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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/036888
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An optical fiber cleaving method. The method comprises the steps of: A, stripping off an external structure of an optical fiber (3), so that only a coating (2) is left on the outside of a segment on which the optical fiber is cleaved; B, at least clamping one end of the optical fiber (3), and stripping off the coating (2) surrounding the part on which the optical fiber is cleaved; and C, by clamping two ends of the segment and applying a pull force on the optical fiber (3) by a clamping member (1), cleaving the optical fiber (3) on a part on which the optical fiber whose coating (2) has been stripped off needs to be cleaved. Requirements on the precision of a clamping surface of the clamping member (1) are reduced, costs are reduced, cleaving requirements on an operating environment are reduced, and the cleaving success rate of the optical fiber (3) is increased, thereby improving the efficiency.

LUO, Chunhui (No. 0422, Tanxiangge Building Guancheng Garden,Xiaonan Street, Qingyang Distric, Chengdu Sichuan 0, 610000, CN)
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February 28, 2019
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August 22, 2017
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SIGNAL FIRE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (No. B-6, Qingyang ZoneJiaolong Industrial Park, Qingyang Distric, Chengdu Sichuan 5, 610015, CN)
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G02B6/25; B26D1/12; B26D7/01; B26D7/14
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SICHUAN LIJIU LAW FIRM (No. 1115, Vanke Heart of WisdomNo. 19, Changhua Road, Wuhou Distric, Chengdu Sichuan 1, 610041, CN)
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