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WIPO Patent Application WO/2005/043525
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Disclosed is an optical information medium having a recording and/or reproducing beam incident surface which is excellent not only in antifouling properties and lubricating properties but also in abrasion resistance and wear resistance. The optical information medium comprises a film body composed of one or more layers including at least a recording layer (4) or a reflective layer on a supporting base (20). At least one of the supporting base (20) side surface and the film body side surface is composed of a hard coating layer (8) which contains a cured product of a hard coating material composition that includes a fluorine-containing block copolymer (A) and an active energy ray-curing compound (B).

Itoh, Hidetake c/o TDK Corporation (1-13-1 Nihonbash, Chuo-ku Tokyo, 103-8272, JP)
Tanaka, Kazushi c/o TDK Corporation (1-13-1 Nihonbash, Chuo-ku Tokyo, 103-8272, JP)
Hayashida, Naoki c/o TDK Corporation (1-13-1 Nihonbash, Chuo-ku Tokyo, 103-8272, JP)
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Publication Date:
May 12, 2005
Filing Date:
October 20, 2004
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TDK CORPORATION (1-13-1, Nihonbashi Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-8272, JP)
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C08K5/00; C03C17/00; C03C17/34; C08F290/12; C08F299/00; C08K7/18; C08L101/04; G11B7/24; G11B7/253; G11B7/254; G11B7/257; (IPC1-7): G11B7/24; C08F287/00; C08F290/12
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Okada, Masahiro (Okada & Co, 12th Shinko Bldg. 10F 1-6, Zaimoku-cho, Chuo-k, Osaka-shi Osaka, 540-0010, JP)
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