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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/214199
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Disclosed is an oral administration device. A nipple (2) is movably snap-fitted by means of an upper screwing cover (3); the upper screwing cover (3) is screwed to a lower screwing cover (4) by means of upper threads (26); an inner-outer cup (6) is screwed to the lower screwing cover (4) by means of lower threads (27); and a connecting disc waterproof gasket (9) is arranged inside the lower screwing cover (4). The nipple (2) has a nipple wall (10) and an upper conduit wall (11), a warm water outflow hole (12) is formed in an end portion of the nipple wall (10), an upper conduit cavity (13) is formed inside the upper conduit wall (11), and a medicine liquid outflow hole (14) is formed in an end portion of the upper conduit cavity (13). An upper end of the lower screwing cover (4) is provided with a lower conduit wall (15), a medicine liquid inflow hole (16) and a lower conduit cavity (17) are correspondingly formed below the lower conduit wall (15), and the upper end of the lower screwing cover (4) is further provided with a warm water outflow hole (28). The inner-outer cup (6) is provided with a medicine liquid cup wall (18), a medicine liquid cup (19) is formed inside the medicine liquid cup wall (18), and a piston head (7) is connected to a push rod (8) to form an administration device booster mechanism, with the entirety thereof being correspondingly arranged in the medicine liquid cup (19). The oral administration device is suitable for children of different age groups, and can decrease the stimulus of medicine having a bitter taste and make children actively suck same, such that the work of giving medicine is simple and easy. Moreover, the amount of residual medicine in a conduit is reduced, and the oral administration device has a simple assembly process and is easy to clean.

LIU, Guodong (Room 1601, 16th Floor Unit 1, Building 44,No. 33, Huijin Road, High-tech Zon, Chengdu Sichuan 0, 610000, CN)
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November 14, 2019
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November 13, 2018
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SHANGHAI BAZI MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY LTD. (3th Floor, Building 1No. 400, Fangchun Road, China Pilot Free Trade Zone, Shanghai 3, 201203, CN)
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A61J7/00; A61J11/00
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CHENGDU ZHONG HENG ZHI HE PATENT AGENT FIRM (ORDINARY PARTNERSHIP) (Room. 1, 12th Floor Unit 1, Building 2,No. 368, Tianfu Second Street, Chengdu High-tech Zone, China Pilot Free Trade Zon, Chengdu Sichuan 0, 610000, CN)
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