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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/011851
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A Paint tray with a triple embodiment in an inverted, reversible arrangement comprises a master surmount planar board embodiment and when inverted encapsulates dual smaller Paint trays with a furcate separation means the side walls of the Paint tray encapsulates dual binary Paint stirring implements which are extricated and detachable.

ROBINSON, Alec (802 Warrenheip Street, Buninyoung, VIC 3357, AU)
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January 26, 2017
Filing Date:
July 18, 2016
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ROBINSON, Alec (802 Warrenheip Street, Buninyoung, VIC 3357, AU)
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B05C17/025; B44D3/06; B65D1/34
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My Clai s

1. A Paint tray contraction apparatus designed to a t and utilise a Paiat roller to apply int said Paint tray ccas nsing s restasgular construction esabodimest, encapsulates a m s er surmount pkaar board platform wife embossed ribs or fee like descends md xaates wife a s Said constetion comprises a plurality of vertical or angled walls to a predetermined height, said walls are appended and jofesd at the corners to define a mxmt esclesuss aad boesdary araaid fee sa d Palm tray, respectively daal binary Paint stirrieg im lements are abetted m a eo&iiguous araageme in a longitude axis of the said Falsi tray side walk, deployed nd .boused on a osite sides opposing each other, to be extricated in. a cutting nseass far siming paint.

2. A Faint tray described k Claim .1, heretofore c∞snprises a rnaster sumratni planar board embodiment

encapsulates a fercate separation oisans, kereby rfection lines embossed on fee sutfese or fee like are opiitnised at a predefcrEBtae idib asd length end to distal sad of fee said Faint irayfeng&wise in a parallel ax s direction to fee aiorer¾nriosed Paint stirring asjpfeiiSBis.

3. A Paint toy described k Ctaks hereiotore mcapsuiates & triple embo iment Pgiat tray i cm inverted reversible arrangement wkexetry one surftee is fee ma r sanaoant planar board em odi nt wife aid embossed ribs, and when inverted o reversible eoajoialy encapsulates disai jaata osed smaller Paint trays wifts gutter furcate separation, nasans at predetermined widths. The said triple embodiment Paint trays bowse paint wells on opposite planar beards, wife said erahossed ribs in p edetermi ed widfes. respectively fee iafegral Paint stirring mml nsnis. are incorporated.

4. A Paint tray described in Claim 3, heretofore on Che iavetted reversible co.¾joini. side «sa¾s inseHt a said gn ier with independent wails, said goiter embodiment ate si prede eitamed id¾s and heights of tbe Paint tray mSte, said gutter iadihatiug a forests separation means for fee said dual binary Paint trays in a juxtaposed embodiis a: ready ibr auriearion when desired. The Pais sthxing anplexaents remain immutable.

5. A Paint tray described in Claim 4, heretofore ate is fee said in erted position conjomfly eneapsnlat.es the said binary Paint trays juxtaposed ar sow furcated and separated by a cutting means as dual independent Paiat trsys.

6. Tbe integral gutter wails embodiment at a said predetermined idth and height elosigated kagtlrwlse

accommodates a singular Paint stirring implement being housed and inserted in mating scabbard an nigetneni.

7. APaint tray described in Claim 3, heretofore whereby a said triple embodiment firstly relating to the aaaster surmount planar board nbodiment a plurality of Faint trays wife gutter embodiments independent walls or singuiar watts at predetermined widfes and lengks may be utilised. And in fee inverted reversible conjoint

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(Rule 26) RO/AU amsp«¾snt a plurality of Paint trays is tlx: oreEm^&onsd described above m&y also be de loyed -wiihia oae t li sg amafacturs. The ssid Pais! sikriag ta^ta-saxs remain bsxsisisbk.

8. A Paint tray described ia Claim 4, teofere ©a the ioverted or reversible coajoist aids OTfco ixaeat a

sing iax all aa&y be aiUfeed shariag is® « ¾sig¾t of the Wat trsy Os. the like. Said singular all separates the tws juxtaposed smaller Paiat trays with embossed ribs md p si wdk, T¾e Falsi siitnxsg traplsroetils rernaio iixuxas ab!s.,

9. A Faist tray described in CMm lf tatefere ssss sulatss d¾s¾d ur ose binary Faim sfeiag ijppkrssB s designed o be fixed ¾ad housed asd detaehabfe by a .eafcfiag xaaaas c m d tem the ais! trays for sdrrisg psmt in a paiat ess en desired.

10. A Pairs u¾y described s Claim I, assd 3« .¾ete†oi¾rg agak deilsss dasl inary Paint sdsrisg kr ietnsnts opposing eacb other, nasi on opposite sides of Use said Palm tray wails are curviiiaesr n desiga and eoastoietioa or the like are bowsed and abuse a eoatigaous arrasgexaest adopting a¾ aerial wiag' like atrasgemesi folio jsg the mm ax s loPgitocimally at the sunaouai laaax board embodiment

11. A Paint Sxay described in Claim 1β, heretofore agsitia encapsulates te said du l binary Paiat stirring

Hn kmsRis, cos ises means a plurality of orifices oa the Oat sariaee smss&y circular* square, triangular, eii¾jticsi or the like ia cojmruction for the egress of paiat wis s stirred respectively optimises & prehensile grip meats a the distal end.

12. A said dual 'binary Paiat stirring ropkmenis with a rasemloned desexiptioas ay eact siste a plethor of designs is eoastruct a suitable to rnste sad abaiied coatiguoasrj? eplo ed sad burned in a parallel embodiment ansagemeai to the side walls of the- said Paint, trays a tengitedhial axis of the said master sximiotin planar board.

13. Agassi fee said dual binary Paiat stimiig.'ixspkaxeats with said aforement o ed descriptions ma fee suitable to be housed and mate ia a securemexa aaeaas also exrricaisd, detachable and abutted eoatignossly agam deployed at any pr«de mmned degrees SO*, 45", &f or the like.

14. A Paiat tray described ia Claim I, heretofore optimises at both distal cads a platform with a eexstxal aperture for storage after am.

15. A Paiat tray described in Claim. % heretofore as an atermiive esabodin-eat the integral binary Paiat sttaing implanents amy be housed in a ses rement means at the two distal ends with the said aforementioned descriptions.

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(Rule 26) RO/AU

A Pais* tray wit a triple embodiment cMe mzms with app nded eoatigaoas biaary pmti ssirdag

This invention f dates to the Paint indastries wed in particular, tfse Paint tray sssufectem. Over the years Paint txay xaasmfactursrs have designed the cotrvemiosta! Pahu tray escapsaiaihig the us l featured etnbodltaeots maly a rectangular arrangement is design, with perpeadicaiar walls, aheraadvely defining the incline planar base platform, compdsss the desired embossed raised ribs for the Paiat rote sap to afit art in a fcr#srd aad b ck ard aetiot! in a body of passu, also snespstdafing t¾e paint reservoir at t&e dsstsl etui of iae Paint tray. Tits said Paint tray aaaHiactu ers have consistently designed Paint trays is a mono m gasss i, housing Paint brash holders at fee ends, also offering Paint tray hosts w tn rise said Faint tray arrangement as an added advantage.

Hitherto Otis mvnation encapsulates a dual sided inverted Paint tray in one tooling plica ion and or atersaliveiy comprises a. mam eoa%;L«axioa in a conventional emhoditaeai A further value-added appended embodiment of Paint stkser irspleoisata are abutted and housed either end of the fmaentione Palm trsy,arrsogemsta\

It is therefore these concepts that have brought show, this present invention whereby the aforem e ntioned Paint tray surface, is of a cooventtoBal means of existin g P&int trays whereby oil or water base paints a e deployed. The exception of this embodiment maidixazes the said sarfeee and the base nndmide in one arrangement when inverted becomes the aforenKaawaed dual sided inverted arrangement of the said Faint tray.

Furdiermore the said Paint stirrer irnplemettts are housed and again abutted within the said Paint iray arrangement OQ the sides in a desired vertical perpendicular or fist kaissonta! wing-like means. Hits eo ignoos arrangement of embodiments is designed with a plurality of secaiemeat means* respectively the said Faint stirrer implements axe removable by & detaching means by catling, breaking oS * manually or mechanically or the like, litis inte rum of the said Paint stirrer implements are xmnniactured in one mx i&m on both sides of the said Paint tray, is a curvfl¾∞ embodia eriU oanprising a plurali ty of oval or round orilees or the like which, allows the said Faint to ingress through a stirring action withia the said Paiai can. Also defining at the opposing distal ends of .die sld Paint. tray s prehensile grip .means wiihinthe configuration and orifices fox storage.

Sa m r of ths Inversion

The preferred effect of this invention is to provide a Paint tray with the conventional embodiment which comprises a. dual purpose inverted embodiment for oil or water base paint.

Another preferred object of this inventioa comprises means a conventional mono arrangement alternatively of the above afoiKmentioned.

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(Rule 26) RO/AU Atiotte preferred object of lids invsistien is to respectively mijamtze cost to the end user skilled in th art of Painting to acquire triple paint trays and dual appended Paint stirrer irxiplensen s integrated into a singular cost of asalkdure.

Ja another preferred object of lias iay satton the said integral Paiai slirrex iirsplemests are detachable torn the said Paint tray esstwifeneat fey the aforeme& iOTsd described meaas, lit a another preferred object, of this invention soas itates at the distal eads of fee said Pairs tray a prehensile grip tnean for han ling, consms xg an orifice or the like for storing axler use like hanging tm a all etc.

Is axiodxer preferred object of this invention the said daal purpose inverted Paint tray means embodiment comprises dual≠ at opposing inverted ends, whereby die seeoad Paiat u¾y surface is smaller axal ksused within rbs larger Pafat tray, when invm d " th aforemsntioaed descriptions.

In another preferred object of this invention t¾e said dual purpose iayer&d or reversible conjoint Paint trays enc sul tes a single watt ernbodissisni separating dual juxtaposed smaller Paint t ays with alternate widths in the inverted position.

In another preferred object of this invention of the said dual purpose Pains tray is to encapsulate a master sun∞unt planar board ernbwlirneut with a inrcate separation means, sad when invested or reversible conjointly encapsulates dual juxtaposed smaller Paiat trays with, a gutter furcate separate means, in a triple esxib dirneat. hi a final preferred object of this invention the said deal purpose averted Paint tray comprises mesas the ' larger

Paiat: ixay surface and when inverted encaps lates two other smaller Paint trays with su faces housed, abutted and juxtaposed, within a said embodiment.

Brief descri t on of the Drawings

Easbodiaien s of the inventio will be detailed h∞auafter described -with references to accompanying drawings in which Figure I is a perspective view illustration of a preferred embodiment of dxe said nweried Paiai tray, coaiprises means the said iategra.! Paint stirrer implements abutted either side in iised sition, optimising the ■ ravseaHonai herringbone embossed ribs OR a planar incline axtd paint reservoir accordingly, also showin the prehensile grip .means and stooge orifice.

Fjgttre 2 is another preferred perspecti ve view illustration of the atemen iooed described Paiai ixay

esnbodirnents in the desired inverted position showing two smaller Paint trays, abutted together within a divider vertical wall separating ten, again die ' Paint stirrer iinptements abutted either side in the said fixed position together with the said herringbone ribs on a p.kaar incline, showing the Paiai reservoir and the prehensile grip means and storage orifices.

Substitute Sheet

(Rule 26) RO/AU sgBte 3 is no her preferred erspe tive iew illustration sgairs. of the aforementioned described, m5fetx r¾s«ts of the inverted Paint iray, showiag OBS side (he fetegrsi Mat stirrer itapie«¾snt i.a ft desired detachable position, sgare 4 is a plan view ilimirstion of ike said feveried Pakt tray, enc sulat s fee iraegral Falsi stirrer iaxuemeriis abfeted either side together wife the aibismestiorsrxi described esihod aenis.

Fi ur 5 is another referr p an view ilksbatio-n of fe aforemcBtiO!Bsdiav¾ted Pakd my eotriptisss agaia the iray is fee desired inverted position §s « SM¾0sg fee said two szeaitar Psira trays k as abutted eorfegrsraboa wife a said divider wait is a veitiesi iaeass. The ΡΛ stirrer imffesnts are s desired detachable arra gement with said descri ed emboditBstns,

Figare 5A is another preferred piss view ilksbstfes of the said inverted Paint iray ia tk said desired inverted position no comprises the two aaalfer trays separated by a width & pt^t s d ske, rshfeiing thsk independent wall sizes, wife a cutting sepsnfeag means la a -gutter arrangement

Figtsre is another preteed emlxxlknetb showing the id elevation view of fee a&eetn^ioaed Paint tray eacapsiiiafeig again fee integral Paint stirrer implements k a perspective «ad view 1 SH¾agen¾ , alternatively at fee d stal end of the Paint resemar.

Figure 7 is another preferred side view iUastotion of the said Paint bay dearly defining novel dual purpose inverted Paint bay emboditaeais stowiag the mcliae plaaar r the Paint stirrer is3pies¾eats and Site said Paint reservoirs at the opposing cads. »re 8 is a final preferred erskKit eat showing the sa d Faint bay and e integral Paha stirrer kopkments in .another desired petpeudicaiar position, bossed and abutted in a parallel arrangeiseai elite side of the

aforerrsationed Paint tray.

Is reference to lib Fsgsre 9 is another preferred perspective view Siosbstien of tk; said dual purpose inverted Paint tray. Please refer to Fipsre ί f r a detailed desaiption,. knowing feat, this said invested Paint tray being fee larger size 270rrsm is a WitxiQii for lgssre 10, igur 11, Figsire II A. arid FsgsM'S 12 wn.ea inverted.

Figure 10 is another perspective view iflustsaiion of fee said dual purpose inverted Paint toy means .now in. the inverted position, fee larger Paint iray 270mm, encapsulates the secoad smaller Paisi. tray 230mm or {he- like, also houses dual Paint reservoirs.

. i ure II is another preferred view Uinsttation of the said dual purpose inverted Paint tray showing- the surface of the 270mm Paint iray embodiment showing the integral catting means for fee separation of the smaller trays when inverted.

Substitute Sheet

(Rule 26) RO/AU Figare iA is another preferred, view iilusirs jea of & said d¾ai purpose Paint tray s w is the said desired inverted position, showing the t o maller Pamt irays !¾Qnm and l Oraro or the like, is a conjoin arraagetnea parallel embodiment w th a pre determined -size width.

Figure 12 is- a final preferred vie illastraborr of the said, dual ur ose P&iut trmy in ike inserted position s &vdrsg a separatists arrangement, ®MxAy the said immm md .100mm or the like.

I S d«eripis s8 © tthe ¾* f

The preferred eMbodimetas showing is teieresce 10 of gwe I, comprises a pers ctive view illustration of fee aibremes iorsod dual pur ose invested P&ini tray encapsulates the integral binary Paint sinter im lements extends abutted gste sid¾ 12, itbra a seets snrnt means, tMxto asg & plurality of orifices 14, for ibe pai i to ingress il« Mg¾ ilrsrsia, i^ sdiwl .defisissg tlsejijacte of w¾!l !6 ¾nd .l8 s p¾raikl or the like, iacorporatia the incline planar base platform 20, together with t e raised eisbossed ribs 22, the Paint reservoir 24, optimizing si the distal ends of ibe said Paint ¾y, she prehassile handl s 26, & grip m & for feand!iag also within the i¾) 0db¾¾?i ofiisces 28, for storage.

Figure 2 is s&otfaer preferred petspeeilve view ilkslr tion o feg dual purpose Paint iray m ibe desired n erted position encapsulates two smaller Faint trays, wberehy reference .C and D bosses the 1 SGmrs and 1 OOnnn iray or the like coisprises the abutted bfeary aiat stirrer 12, are housed it? a secarement means, ibe said plurality of orifices 14, are for ibe ingress of paim to disease ihrosgh, Xacorpc ting ibe sll . janctioss 16 and 18, paralkS or the like, comprises again, the incline planar base platform 20, fee raised embossed ribs 22, and fee Paint reservoir 24, together, wife the said prehensile grip means handles 26, aad orifices 28, lot storage.

Figure 3 is another preferred pmpsciive view illustration of the aforementioned described Paint tra h y it is inverted back again as Figure 1 .one of ibe bfcary Paint stirrer inplernents 1 , i is a detachable means in a said desired position, the said orifices 1 , for ibe said ingress of paint, co prises th securemenii means meshanism 30,. or the like, ibe said wall fractions 16 ami i 8, para or the life, encapsulating apis the nsclins pirns® base pisiform 20, again the raised embossed ribs 22, and the paint reservoir 24, together with the said prehensile grip means handles 26, and orifices 28, for said storage.

Fi ur 4 is another preferred plan view illustration of me said inverted Paint tray apparatus, with again the said described embodiments encapsulates again the integral binary Palm stirrer iraplemems 12, abutted either side in a. fixed means, again a plethora of orifices 14, .respectively rnSKizajg the junction of the wall 16 aad 18, again parallel or the like, together with the fcclise planar base platform 20, and said embossed raised ribs 22, aad Pairs reservoir 24, inoorporatmg the prehensile grip -means handles 26, at fee said distal ends and orifices 8, for storage.

Fsgwe 5 is yet another preferred plan view illustration of the said inverted Faint iray apparatus in the said inverted position, showing the iw smaller Paint trays in reference C aad D, houses fee 18SQmra and 1 OOram sixes

Substitute Sheet

(Rule 26) RO/AU ΟΪ the like, encapsulates the integral bksary Paint star isplemeats 12, la a desired detachable sneans, together wits the pietaa of orifices 1 , for the irsgress of pais! cosnpr ss fe® secsjm∞)t etsbednnest tneass 39, or the like, ilte said aji junction 16 rid 18, fe orpomiag tbe x l planar base platform 20, md raised arobossed ribs 22, rise said Paint .reservoir 24, and the said prehens le grip msms handles 26, the said orifices 28, for storage.

Flgtere SA is yet another yssisiissi p efmsd plan view iter t on of the ssid nwerted Paint my in the said desired fswerted os tion showing again the two ssmUer Paiat trays in t e said refe esce C and D, t ms i¾e 1 SCisms and iOOmss xes or iise like, with the xe tis® thai they hossse lteir emk !ndividosi walls ½ tod 8 respectively, comprises apis the described mbo iments the eby the integral binary Paint sfer nnp sssssinis 12, are sa s¾s desired detachable nseas¾, together ith i s plethora or said orifices 14, for fee ingress of paint, cossprises the sectsrensetst etnt>odiraent roems 30, or the like, inc r ati g die incline plasm base plsafisrm 2.0, and raised embossed ribs 22, tiss said Paint reservoir 24, and said prehetssiie grip means toadies 26, said orifices 28, for storage, also ste teg the dividing utter 32, for eut&g and separating she two snmlier Paint s¾y C and D, witli a hacksaw or Stanley kfriife mspeedvely.

Figsire 6 is yet another prelprred end del tion view tBtrttioa eosssprises m& the tear wall jnsseiion 1-8, together with the skie wa¾ ½, opposing each other, also encapsulating the said integral binary Paint sii r teplemeuts 12, in a perspective view arrangement and -said orifices I 4, abetted either end in a secursaruent mssm coofigtitatisii.

Figure 7 is smother prdferod side elevation view illustration again cotxpises rae&os the nrtegrai inverted concept cfeaxiy, whereby the said integral hssary Paint stirrer implements 12, are defined. The said side w¾il 16, are its the said -averted position, and said rear walls, i g, are shown at & predetermined in l or the like, ittcorperatiag the said preisenssle grip raeaas todies 26, at opposing «ads,

Fsgors g is a Croat preferred perspective view illustration of the said mom o daat sided Paint tray enca sul te again the integral, binary Pato.stirtsr iBjpletnems 12, ' housed in a perpendicular arrasgeiKenS,pm.Od to the side walls 16, extads- abutted either aide within a secwresmeni means, smxiniixiog again a plurality of orifices 14, for the ingress of paint, defining ifeejiujction of walls 16 and IS, parallel or site like, eneapssiiat tg again the incline planar base pkt&nn 20, md raised embossed ribs 22, and the Faint reservoir 24, at the said disial ends the prehensile grip means 26, and entices 28, for storage.

Figure 9 is another preferred perspective view illuseaticai of reference 10, of the aforementioned dual pssrpose tnverted Paini hay. ' Please refer to Figure i for a detailed descriptioB w ieh shows when the larger sk Paint tray 2?0rsm when inverted is oonimon for Figure ¾ flgore 10, Fignre 11 md Figwg 11.& and Figere 12. igure IS is another preferred perspective 1 A, sf the said dual sided inverted Paint tray, showing fits second smaller surface, of fee second smaller Paint tray.230inm or the like, in the desired inverted position, .housed and encapsulated within the larger embadimeni of the larger- Paint tray 270mtn or the like comprises again the biaary Paint stirrer implsotenis J 2, extends again abutted either side within a securemest

Substitute Sheet

(Rule 26) RO/AU means, with a plurality of orifices 1 , defisisg the jusc-lioa o -wail 16 aad 18 o& ihe larger Paint tray embodiments, arid 30 md 32 on foe srsaikr Paha tray, both paralkl or the like, incorporating sgaia foe incline pka r b&se pktibrrn 20, and ihe embossed ribs 22, the d ss] Paint reserv i 54, m t¾g larger Pais*, tray etxtbodicaeai, arid 34, on the smaller Falsi tray erobodimem. DerMag again at the distsi ends the pTehsrasi!s grip mea s 26, on the larger Pairst tra aad orifices 2¾, ifejr stags.

Fsgar« 11 is asAr preferred view il!asu-aiion of rerereisce 1 of the doal purpose Paint my showing the 2 k n surface. Please refer to Fipsre .1 for a de ailed description, apart fi sm tfce m&mi omd description m the said planar base pktibrra 20, encapsulates a cv ng and separating br s rasas? 32, fbr Use detaching armsgerosss en the invested side of the said mll Paist trays C & .0.

Fsgsre i!A is aaoiher preferred view ilkisira fea of reference 10A of the dual purpose Faint tray sh ing the desired n erted side of the said 2?8mm sarfaee sow showing the two smaller Fakit trays C ad D abutted and juxtaposed together comprises Ik; said described enabodimeo s of the said skated ha¾gral binary Pain stirrer irpplensents 12, are teased to a seeursffieat m ® > however the said plurality of Orifices 14, dsfiunag feejuacUoa of wail i 6.aad I §, kscorporating the isefifts p ms base platform 20,. arid mto ed ribs 22, the- Paist resetvoirs 24, at the distal ends the- prehensile grip meats 26, and orifices 28, for s orage, encapsulating & suiti g aad separating gutter .amngemen 32, for d¾tas n§ are also shews.

Figwe 12 is a ft l erspectm; view i lustration of reiereace i OA, of the dual purpose Paint tray asw in the iKVerted position, etie^psuktes fee two s:u te Faiai: trays C and D in a s* aralien ai sagetaeat reference C being .ISOmss asd D, being lOGtnra or ihe like eossprises agaia she integral binary Paint stirrer iaplemBias 12, ia a said i¾ gme .its¾ s hons -d either side wfth a pteality of orifices 14, for the ingress of psist, me«ipo.ra¾s ihe snb¾per;dea wall jraurdos 16 sad .1.8, deJ og the planar base piafibrm2tX together with the erabossed. ribs 22, also enca sulates the Paint reservoir 24.

¾ may be observed that this esent isvention provides a simple, effective and ianovarivse way ofa new Paint hay with s novel appended taeaas is ihe field of the Painhsg aad Decorating aslasfcy.

Sines aodificaiioas within the scope of the concept m y be readily used by the consumer in the field, it rosy be uaderstood this invention is sot restricted to the psrtictd ' ar emhodimeiils described ' by way ofexanrspls hereiaafter.

Substitute Sheet

(Rule 26) RO/AU