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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/040681
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Disclosed is a panel light, comprising a light guide layer (1), a reflective layer (2), a diffusion layer (3), a buffer layer (4), and a back panel (6), the light guide layer (1) having two opposite faces including a back face and a light-emitting face, the reflective layer (2) being located on the back face of the light guide layer (1), the diffusion layer (3) being located on the light-emitting face of the light guide layer (1), the buffer layer (4) being located between the back panel (6) and the reflective layer (2), and several light guide points (5) being provided between the reflective layer (2) and the light guide layer (1). The panel light further comprises a light source (16) and an outer frame (7), with incident points of the light source (16) being located on a lateral side of the light guide layer (1). A stacked structure composed of the back panel (6), the light guide layer (1), the reflective layer (2), the buffer layer (4) and the diffusion layer (3) is in the shape of a flat plate. The buffer layer (4) can be produced by vacuum forming and has buffering and anti-deformation functions, and unilateral light incidence of the wedge-shaped light guide layer (1) and a buffer material can be used. In addition, the diffusion layer (3) has the functions of colour change and protecting the light guide layer against being scratched. Moreover, with the spliced light guide layer (1), the invention is suitable for large panel lights, and the panel light can emit light uniformly, is low in cost, has a scientific structural design, and is easy to implement.

SHENG, Yulin (Zhangpu Town Huayuan Road 856, Kunshan, Jiangsu 0, 215300, CN)
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March 08, 2018
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June 20, 2017
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KUNSHAN CHENGTAI ELECTRIC CO., LTD (SHENG, YulinZhangpu Town Huayuan Road 85, Kunshan Jiangsu 0, 215300, CN)
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F21S8/00; F21V7/22; F21V8/00; F21V15/04; F21V19/00
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