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WIPO Patent Application WO/2016/203847
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[Problem] To provide a pipe bending device which has a simple structure and is suitable for various types of bending. [Solution] A pipe bending device is provided with: a device machine frame 2 for rotatably supporting a main shaft 11 having a bending die 14 at the distal end thereof, the device machine frame 2 being provided with a main shaft driving motor 12; and a clamp machine frame 3 rotatably supported by the main shaft and being provided with a clamp driving mechanism 26 for moving a clamp 25. The clamp driving mechanism is provided with: a slide member 21 for moving up and down, one end of the slide member 21 being slidably fitted with the main shaft; a link mechanism 26 for connecting and supporting the clamp on the clamp machine frame and the slide member; and a clamp driving motor 27 for moving the slide member up and down. A key 13 is furthermore formed in the main shaft, a key groove 24 is provided in the slide member, the slide member is moved up by driving of the clamp driving motor, the key groove of the slide member is fitted with the key of the main shaft, and the clamp is caused to hold a pipe therein so as to approach the bending die. 

LAN Guang Ping (LTD. 758 Konosu, Koga-sh, Ibaraki 41, 〒3060041, JP)
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December 22, 2016
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April 25, 2016
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SANOH INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. (1-23-23, Ebisu Shibuya-k, Tokyo 13, 〒1500013, JP)
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IWANE Masatoshi (5-33-4, Minami-Oizumi Nerima-k, Tokyo 64, 〒1780064, JP)
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