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WIPO Patent Application WO/2011/037425
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The present invention relates to a pipe cutting machine. The pipe cutting machine of the present invention comprises: a cutting machine body having a cutting board where a pipe to be cut is placed; a pipe mount, which has a mount groove formed in such a manner that the pipe to be cut is mounted thereon in the horizontal direction and includes roller bearings arranged at regular intervals at the inner surface of the mount groove, thereby enabling in-place rotation of the pipe at the mount groove once the pipe to be cut is placed thereon; a rotary blade mount, which includes a hinge shaft installed at the upper side of the pipe mount and a support shaft coupled to the hinge shaft to make a see-saw motion; a motor for driving the rotary blade disposed at the front end side of the rotary blade mount; a piston of a manual hydraulic jack connected to the opposite end to where the rotary blade is disposed, for moving the rotary blade in the vertical direction; and a pipe auxiliary base having an adjustable height disposed at the side of the pipe mount. As such, the pipe is cut as the rotary blade comes in contact with the pipe disposed at the cutting blade and pivots.

CHA, Young-jun (557 Ssanggye-ri, Bian-myeon Uiseong-gun, Gyeongbuk 769-921, 769-921, KR)
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March 31, 2011
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September 27, 2010
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CHA, Young-jun (557 Ssanggye-ri, Bian-myeon Uiseong-gun, Gyeongbuk 769-921, 769-921, KR)
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B23D21/04; B23D17/04; B23D17/06; B23D21/00
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GO, Seung-Ho (#1630 Sindorim Posvill, 26 Guro-dong Guro-gu, Seoul 152-770, 152-770, KR)
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