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WIPO Patent Application WO/2012/146333
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A piston-chamber combination comprising a chamber (186) which is bounded by an inner chamber wall (185) and comprising a piston inside said chamber to be engagingly movable relative to said chamber wall at least between a first-longitudinal position (208) and a second longitudinal position (208') of the chamber, said chamber (186) having cross-sections of different cross-sectional areas, said piston comprising a container (208, 208') which is elastically deformable and is produced to have a production-size of the container in the stress-free and undeformed state thereof in which the circumferential length of the piston is approximately equivalent to the circumferential length of said chamber (186) at said second longitudinal position (208'), the container being expandable from its production size in a direction transversally with respect to the longitudinal direction of the chamber thereby providing for an expansion of the piston from the production size thereof during the relative movements of the piston from said second longitudinal position (208') to said first longitudinal position (208), the container being elastically deformable to provide for different cross-sectional areas and circumferential lengths of the piston. This is accomplished by the combination comprises means for introducing fluid from a position outside (210) said container (208, 208') into said container, thereby enabling pressurization said container, and thereby expanding said container and displacing said container between second and first longitudinal positions of the chamber (186).

VAN DER BLOM, Nicolaas (RSM Tenon, Davidson House 1st Fl.,Forbury Squar, Reading Berkshire RG1 3 EU, GB)
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April 04, 2013
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February 27, 2012
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NVB COMPOSITES INTERNATIONAL UK LTD (Davidson House, 1st Fl. West Wing,Forbury Squar, Reading Berkshire RG1 3EU, GB)
VAN DER BLOM, Nicolaas (RSM Tenon, Davidson House 1st Fl.,Forbury Squar, Reading Berkshire RG1 3 EU, GB)
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F16J1/00; F04B33/00; F15B15/14; F16F9/32; F16J10/02
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