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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/036033
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A pL-grade ultra-micro liquid supplementing device and method. The liquid supplementing device comprises five parts: a liquid transfer needle (3), a motion controller (2), a glass micropipette communicating vessel (1), a flow control device (6), and a liquid delivery device (7). The motion controller (2) controls the liquid transfer needle (3) to move vertically. The glass micropipette communicating vessel (1) is designed according to the principle of a communicating vessel and the theory of capillarity. The flow control device (6) can adjust the liquid supplementing speed and amount to meet requirements of the liquid of different viscosities. The liquid delivery device (7) connects the flow control device (6) to the glass micropipette communicating vessel (1) by means of a communication port (601) to provide the micro liquid for the glass micropipette communicating vessel (1). According to the pL-grade ultra-micro liquid supplementing method, by means of a micro pressure difference inside and outside of a capillary micropipette (102) which is generated in the process that the liquid transfer needle (3) moves vertically in the capillary micropipette (102), the liquid in a communicating vessel (101) is sucked into the capillary micropipette (102) to supplement the pL-grade liquid in the capillary micropipette (102). The device is used for continuously supplementing the pL-grade ultra-micro liquid of different viscosities, and the flow speed is easy to observe and adjust.

ZHANG, Qin (No.381, Wushan Road Tianh, Guangzhou Guangdong 0, 510640, CN)
FAN, Jibin (No.381, Wushan Road Tianh, Guangzhou Guangdong 0, 510640, CN)
LIU, Jiachao (No.381, Wushan Road Tianh, Guangzhou Guangdong 0, 510640, CN)
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March 01, 2018
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December 16, 2016
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SOUTH CHINA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (No.381, Wushan Road Tianh, Guangzhou Guangdong 0, 510640, CN)
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YOGO PATENT & TRADEMARK AGENCY LIMITED COMPANY (Room 3912, BlockB SinopecTower,Tiyuxi Road, Tianh, Guangzhou Guangdong 0, 510620, CN)
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