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WIPO Patent Application WO/2012/028156
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The plaster levelling machine includes a container (2) with a leveling plate and blendig blades (11) to apply plaster onto a wall and a frame assembly consisting of a load post (1), an carriage body (5) with an electric generator (4) and a holding base (7) with balance points (6).

MOHAMED, Emad Abdel-Razek Abdel-Hafiz (Said El-Egalat Street, Muhagreen Kafer Dawar, Behera, EG)
GHORAB, Mohamed Abdel-Rahman Moussa (5. Kohaily Street, Ahmed E1 Menoufy GroceryMuhagereen, Kafr El-Dawar, Behera, EG)
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March 08, 2012
Filing Date:
September 05, 2010
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MOHAMED, Emad Abdel-Razek Abdel-Hafiz (Said El-Egalat Street, Muhagreen Kafer Dawar, Behera, EG)
GHORAB, Mohamed Abdel-Rahman Moussa (5. Kohaily Street, Ahmed E1 Menoufy GroceryMuhagereen, Kafr El-Dawar, Behera, EG)
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1 . Plaster operation theory Blade post turns in direction of gravity towards side intended for bleaching. Plaster is blended with surface of this side leading to air evacuation and condensing plaster within bleaching kni fe. In its rising up it presses plaster and levels it on side intended for bleaching as shown in board no. (7).

2. The second element is general design of machine

A. Holder

B. Bleaching knife as shown in drawing.

Plaster leveling Machine

Technical field of invention

This machine is invented for architectural field of plaster bleaching item.

Background Art:

Previous art in field of plaster bleaching was fully manual free from any

mechanics operating in this field.

Disclosure of Invention:

* invention is called (Plaster leveler):

- Plaster profession defended in the past on manual work and level ing

manually through what is called skidding kni fe and some simple tools. We found a solution to this problem by designing a machine that performs this task .- speedily and efficiently.

Detailed description

Detailed description in this field (plaster bleaching) lies in explaining two items:

- Previous art problem.

- Solving problem

• Previous art problem lies in the fact that previous trade rel ied on manual and muscular effort free from any available machinery except some simple tools such as: (trowel— skidding knife) and the like.

• Solution of problem is represented in a machine that replaces worker of plaster in his manual work on wall . Most di fficult job of worker in this trade is to level plaster on wall manually. This job strains his muscles. Machine doesn 't only spare effort also saves cost and helps to speedier production than before. Drawing board explanation:

(Board No. t )

1 . Kni fe holder fixing joint.

2. Holder head

3. Carriage filament post

4. Carnage loading post

5. Electric generator

6. Carriage body

7. Bleaching kni fe

8. Vacuum post and mixing plaster on wall

9. Post driver for blending and pouring

10. Blending post blades

1 1 . Holder base

1 2. Balance joints

(Board No. 2)

1 . Holder head

2. Carriage loading post

3. Bleaching kni fe

4. Filament post

5. Carriage electric generator

6. Pouring post

7. Carriage body

8. Holder base

9. Balance joints

1 0. Eilectric generator

1 1 . Kni fe holder and bleach thickness control (Board No. 3)

1 . Bleaching kni fe

2. Carriage loading post

3. Electric generator

4. Carriage movement wheels

5. Carriage driver

6. Holder fixing joint

7. Carriage holder screw

8. Carnage filament

9. Balance filament

1 0. Holder base

(Board No. 4)

1 . Carriage movement filament

2. Carriage screw

3. Load post

4. Carriage driver

5. Copper ring

6. Carnage screw fixing pins

7. Electric generator wheel

8. Filament post turning wheel

9. Axis chairs made of balls

10. Carriage body

(Board No. 5)

1 . Electric generator

2. Carriage holder

3. Carriage load filaments

4. Carriage load post

5. Kni fe driver

6. Kni fe turning wheels

7. Carriage load filament 8. Filament turning wheel

9. Kni fe holder

1 0. Bleaching knife

1 1 . Unloading post

1 2. Leveling weapon

(Board No. 6)

1 . Carriage load filament

2. Filament turning wheel

3. Meshing joint

4. Clamp opening

(Board No. 7)

1 . Load post

2. Bleaching knife

3. Kni fe electric generator

4. Carriage electric generator

5. Carriage body

6. Bleaching filaments

7. Holder base

8. Plaster after bleaching

9. Wall intended for bleaching

1 0. Plaster during air vacuum and pressing before leveling.

1 1 . Air vacuum and blending post

Capability for industrial application

Manufacturing this machine depends on a simple production line composed of lathing, assorting and some forms of casting.

This production line is available in field of industry and there are no

complications in manufacturing.