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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/010218
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Provided is, with good productivity, a polarizable molded body having a polarizing sheet in which color unevenness and a white spot are less likely to occur, and in the polarization degree of which, unevenness involved with heat shrinkage or the like of a protective layer (protective film) is less likely to occur. The polarizable molded body (10) is used for eyeglasses. An injection-molded section (15) made from a transparent plastic material is thermally bonded to the concave surface side of a polarizing sheet (11) having a predetermined curvature radius. In the polarizing sheet (11), a polarizer layer (13) is sandwiched between first and second protective layers (17) and (19), which are located at the convex surface side and the concave surface side, respectively. Both the first and second protective layers (17) and (19) are formed of transparent films obtained by a casting method in which retardations are set to be (Re) ≤ 50 nm. The transparent films of the first and second protective layers are made of an acyl cellulose-based film and a polyamide-based film, respectively. Further, the second protective layer (19) is fused directly to the injection-molded section (15).

SOUMA, Norihito (2-8, Honohara 3-chome, Toyokawa-sh, Aichi 61, 〒4420061, JP)
NAKANISHI, Keiichi (3-1-200 Umeda 1-chome, Kita-k, Osaka-shi Osaka 01, 〒5300001, JP)
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Publication Date:
January 19, 2017
Filing Date:
June 16, 2016
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TOKAI SEIMITSU INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. (2-8 Honohara 3-chome, Toyokawa-shi Aichi, 61, 〒4420061, JP)
NAKANISHI OPTICAL PRODUCTS CORP. (3-1-200, Umeda 1-chome Kita-k, Osaka-shi Osaka 01, 〒5300001, JP)
International Classes:
G02B5/30; G02C7/12
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See also references of EP 3324224A4
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
IIDA, Akio et al. (11-26, Marunouchi 2-chome Naka-ku, Nagoya-sh, Aichi 02, 〒4600002, JP)
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