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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/031101
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Disclosed are compositions comprising polyester macromers containing in one or more chains the residue of one or more diols and one or more diesters wherein the residue of the one or more diols and the one or more diesters alternate along the chain and a portion of the diesters are 1,1-diester-1-alkenes, and optionally one or more dihydrocarbyl dicarboxylates, and at least one terminal end comprises the residue of one of the 1,1-diester-1 alkenes and wherein one or more terminal ends may comprise the residue of one or more diols. The chains may contain the residue of the one or more diols and one or more diesters comprising one or more diesters 1,1-diester-1 alkenes and optionally one or more dihydrocarbyl dicarboxylates randomly disposed along the chains. Disclosed are methods of preparing the polyester macromers and incorporating them in a variety of polyester containing compositions such as coatings and films.

PALSULE, Aniruddha, S. (2629 Ridgecliff Avenue, Cincinnati, OH, 45212, US)
SULLIVAN, Jeffrey, M. (6174 State Route 132, Goshen, OH, 45122, US)
PARAB, Kshitij, K. (9870 Dartmouth Way, Loveland, OH, 45140, US)
KING, Elliott (210 Elm Street, Milford, OH, 45150, US)
BARRETT, William (211 Holly Lane, Bethel, OH, 45106, US)
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Publication Date:
November 15, 2018
Filing Date:
June 01, 2017
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SIRRUS, INC. (422 Wards Corner Road, Loveland, OH, 45140, US)
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C09D5/24; C08F290/06; C08F299/02; C08G63/52; C08G65/329; C08G65/332; C09D171/02
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
SIMS, Norman, L. et al. (Young Basile Hanlon & Macfarlane, P.C.3001 West Big Beaver Rd.,Suite 62, Troy Michigan, 48084, US)
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