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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/214736
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Provided are a polyhydroxyphthalazinone compound, a preparation method therefor and the use thereof, wherein the general formula of the chemical structure of the polyhydroxyphthalazinone compound is as shown by formula (I). The polyhydroxyphthalazinone compound disclosed in the present invention has a good ER receptor agonistic effect, and is expected to be useful in developing a novel ER receptor agonist.

LIANG, Faxiang (Room 604, No. 1549 Yuxi Road, Yaohai Distric, Hefei Anhui 1, 230011, CN)
DING, Yanling (Room 101, Building 18 Aolin Qinghua,Songling Town, Wujiang Distric, Suzhou Jiangsu 9, 215299, CN)
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November 29, 2018
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May 10, 2018
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REJUVGEN PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. (ZHU Xinle, Room 301-550 Building 1,No. 400, Fangchun Road, Free Trade Zone, Shanghai 0, 200000, CN)
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C07D237/32; A61K31/502; A61P1/04; A61P13/08; A61P15/00; A61P19/02; A61P19/10; A61P25/16; A61P25/28; A61P27/02; A61P29/00; A61P35/00
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CHANGZHOU RIGHT NAVIGATION PATENT AGENCY CO., LTD. (ZHU Xinle, Room 303-1 Building C, Tianan Digital City,No. 588, Changwu Road, Wujin Distric, Changzhou Jiangsu 4, 213164, CN)
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