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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/125811
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A power tool which includes a housing mounted to be moveable with respect to and spaced from a base (8), said housing including a motor to rotate a shaft which includes, at its free end, a tool holder for a cutting tool, said shaft extending from the housing such that the tool holder is located at or adjacent to the base and said housing is connected to the base by at least one extendable assembly. The power tool can be selectively locatable with a guide plate (4) via retaining means (52). The guide plate (4) includes apertures for the receipt of retaining means (52) to allow the power tool to be engaged therewith and optionally datum tabs (84,86) to contact with the power tool to ensure the accurate location of the power tool with the guide plate (4) when held in position by the retaining means (52). A fence (66) can be engaged with the guide plate (4), said fence preferably including measurement means (68) to allow the distance from the fence (66) to the cutting tool of the power tool to be measured and a measuring location system or trammel can be provided for use in at least two modes, a first mode to measure a first range of circles of relatively small diameter and a second mode to measure a second range of circles of relatively larger diameter.

FIRTH, Robert (Kilnfield House, 45 Common RoadDunningto, York North Yorkshire YO19 5PA, GB)
LINTON, Andrew (Kilnfield House, 45 Common RoadDunningto, York North Yorkshire YO19 5PA, GB)
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Publication Date:
September 08, 2017
Filing Date:
January 18, 2017
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POWER BOX AG (Poststrasse 6, 6301 Zug, CH)
International Classes:
B27C5/10; B23Q1/48; B23Q9/00
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Other References:
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Attorney, Agent or Firm:
BAILEY WALSH & CO LLP (1 York Place, Leeds LS1 2DR, GB)
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