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WIPO Patent Application WO/2010/104320
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The present invention relates to a planetary gear set with one side of a planetary carrier extending to form gear teeth, and to a power transmission apparatus having reduced rotating speed input from a driving power source and input to one actuating means of the planetary gear set and a transmission power source rotating speed is input to the other actuating means to achieve a plurality of gear shifts, and which receives generating power from an output shaft, stores electrical energy, and utilizes the stored electrical energy to control transmission power source, thereby controlling the transmission input shaft with ease. The power transmission apparatus comprises: an input shaft, one end of which is constantly connected to the driving power source to receive power, and to which a driving gear is fixed; a deceleration unit coupled to the driving gear to reduce the rotating speed of the input shaft; a planetary gear set including 1st actuating means coupled to the deceleration unit to receive rotating speed of the deceleration unit, 2nd actuating means for receiving gear-shifting power, and 3rd actuating means for generating output speed; a gear shift unit connected to the transmission power source to receive power for gear-shifting, and coupled to the 2nd actuating means to transmit power for gear-shifting to the2nd actuating means; and an output shaft fixed at the 3rd actuating means to deliver an output speed. The 2nd actuating means has a rotary shaft and the gear shaft unit has a rotary shaft, wherein the two rotary shafts are arranged vertically to one another. A torque control shaft is connected to the 2nd actuating means to receive rotating force of the 2nd actuating means via power transmission means. The torque control shaft is equipped with a generator for generating electrical energy. A battery for supplying power to the transmission power source is connected to the generator.

HA, Tae Hwan (# Byeoksan Apt, Hagye-dongNowon-gu, Seoul 139-939, 139-939, KR)
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December 23, 2010
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March 09, 2010
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HA, Tae Hwan (# Byeoksan Apt, Hagye-dongNowon-gu, Seoul 139-939, 139-939, KR)
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F16H3/44; F16H59/02; F16H59/14
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See also references of EP 2407689A4
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LEE, Young Su (Hupia International Patent And Law Firm, 2F. Geumha Bldg.,645-5, Yeoksam-dong,Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-910, 135-910, KR)
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