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WIPO Patent Application WO/2016/194998
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A power transmission roller comprises: a roller body (2); a housing (6); a bearing (5) for enabling the roller body (2) and the housing (6) to rotate relative to each other; a rocking shaft (3) affixed to the vehicle main body side; a rocking arm (4) provided in a rockable manner to the rocking shaft (3); a pair of housing pressing members (7, 7) for pressing the roller body (2) so that the force of contact of the roller body (2) with a drive roller (D) and the force of contact of the roller body (2) with a driven roller (S) are in balance with each other; resistance bodies (8) for pressing the shafts (7a) of the housing pressing members (7) in the axial direction of the shafts (7a) by means of gripping force which is the combination of the pressing force of the housing pressing members (7) and press-on force applied by the housing (6) in the direction opposite the direction of the pressing force; and sleeves (9) for pressing the resistance bodies (8) against the pressing force of the housing pressing members (7). The sleeves (9) press the resistance bodies (8) to release the contact between the housing (6) and the resistance bodies (8).

NAKAO Goro (1578 Higashikaizuka, Iwata-sh, Shizuoka 10, 〒4388510, JP)
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December 08, 2016
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June 02, 2016
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NTN CORPORATION (3-17, Kyomachibori 1-chome Nishi-ku, Osaka-sh, Osaka 03, 〒5500003, JP)
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F16H13/04; F16D13/00; F16D23/12
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KAMADA Naoya et al. (18-12, Nipponbashi 1-chome Chuo-ku, Osaka-sh, Osaka 73, 〒5420073, JP)
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