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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/137807
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The invention relates to a preassembled fluid line, comprising a fluid line (1), which is made of plastic and has an inner flow channel (2), having a heating device (3) arranged on the circumference of the fluid line in the longitudinal direction. The fluid line (1) is arranged in a jacket tube (4) surrounding the fluid line, and a connector is connected to an end of the fluid line (1). The connector is designed as an insertion connector (8) made of plastic and can be releasably inserted into a sleeve part (17) by means of a terminal tubular coupling portion (9). The insertion connector (8) has, immediately ahead of the coupling portion (9) of the insertion connector in the insertion direction (X), a connection portion (10), which has, at the end thereof located ahead in the insertion direction (X), a retaining flange (11) perpendicular to a central longitudinal axis (Y-Y) of the insertion connector (8), and the insertion connector has, in the region of the coupling portion (9) thereof, a locking extension (12), which is perpendicular to the central longitudinal axis (Y-Y) and which engages behind locking elements (21) of the sleeve part (17) when the coupling portion (9) is inserted in the sleeve part (17). The fluid line (1) is inserted, by means of the terminal insertion portion (6) thereof free of the heating device (3), into a through-channel (7) of the insertion connector (8) at least in the region of the connection portion (10), and the insertion connector (8) is joined to the fluid line (1) in the region of the insertion portion (6) of the fluid line by means of a laser weld (5). The retaining flange (11) is fastened within a protective housing (24) in the form of a fixed bearing (28a), and the protective housing (24) surrounds the jacket tube (4) at the end of the jacket tube and surrounds the fluid line (1), together with the heating device (3) located on the fluid line, in the region ahead of the insertion portion (6).

BAENSCH, Andreas (Vochemsgasse 1, Pulheim, 50259, DE)
MITTERER, Reiner (Sonnenweg 5, Wipperfürth, 51688, DE)
RÖHRIG, Lukas (Zum Rauhen Brauke 6a, Marienheide, 51709, DE)
SCHWARZKOPF, Otfried (Dr.-Edith-Weyde-Straße 20, Kürten, 51515, DE)
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July 18, 2019
Filing Date:
December 21, 2018
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VOSS AUTOMOTIVE GMBH (Leiersmühle 2-6, Wipperfürth, 51688, DE)
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F16L53/38; F16L11/15; F16L33/01; F16L37/098; F16L25/00
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ZAPF, Christoph (Patent- und Rechtsanwälte Dr. Solf & Zapf, Schloßbleiche 20, Wuppertal, 42103, DE)
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