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WIPO Patent Application WO/2014/134233
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Processes for the production of chlorinated propenes are provided. The processes proceed through the production of cyclic intermediate that is thereafter readily converted to a desired chloropropane, e.g., via selective pyrolysis. The process may be conducted using starting materials that are readily commercially available and/or that may be reacted safely in standard laboratory equipment so that capital cost savings may be seen. The process does not require the use of catalysts and yet, process conditions less extreme than many conventional processes for the production of chlorinated propenes are suitable, so that raw material and utility cost savings are also possible.

GRANDBOIS, Matthew L. (6000 Sturgeon Creek Parkway, Midland, Michigan, 48640, US)
MURDOCH, Brian (400 Longview Street, Midland, Michigan, 46842-6912, US)
MEYER, Matthew M. (282 N. Ridge Rd. #2-206, Canton, Michigan, 48187, US)
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September 04, 2014
Filing Date:
February 27, 2014
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DOW GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES LLC (2040 Dow Center, Midland, Michigan, 48674, US)
International Classes:
C07C17/269; C07C17/278; C07C17/358; C07C21/04; C07C23/04
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JORDAHL, Kimberly S. (PO Box 517, Willernie, Minnesota, 55090, US)
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