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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/125224
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A programmed bead stringer for working with spherical or near-spherical beads which comprises a bead dispenser (1) consisting of dispensing modules having a movable carriage-like container (10) for moving beads from compartments into tubes (7), from which the beads are then ejected by pusher gates (17), the beads being ejected individually and consecutively in accordance with their different colour shades in a programmed fashion. The beads are fed into a large funnel (2), travel along a tube into a vibrating funnel (22) of a thread stringer (3) and are placed on a vertically mounted needle (27) via a calibrating aperture (36), a bead blocks a laser beam, and three clamps on carriages (24), which hold the needle in a single position, allow the bead to pass downwards along the needle, and a belt and roller mechanism (28) pushes the bead onto a thread; a simplified needle stringer is provided. A control unit (4) is connected to a computer. The stringer and its component devices can be used for creating large pictures from beads, and also for creating articles from beads, with colour schemes being shown in a graphics editor on a personal computer during the creation of fashion apparel or other articles. The manufacture of the stringer and its component devices does not require difficult technical processes.

DUBROV, Yurij Borisovich (Gagarina bul'var, 107/5 kv 39Perm', 7, 614077, RU)
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June 27, 2019
Filing Date:
December 17, 2018
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DUBROV, Yurij Borisovich (Gagarina bul'var, 107/5 kv 39Perm', 7, 614077, RU)
International Classes:
D05C7/08; D05C13/00
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