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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/215850
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In the present invention, a pintle switching valve shaft is discarded and a valve plate is employed to improve volumetric efficiency, and a rotary shaft that passes through a pump housing is provided to enable multiple connections between rotary shafts. This radial hydraulic actuator A comprises: a rotary shaft 1 that passes through a pump housing H; a cylinder block 30 which is accommodated in an accommodation part 10a of the pump housing H, rotates together with the rotary shaft 1, and is capable of sliding in the axial direction thereof; a suction port 11 and a discharge port 12 which are provided on the pump housing H; a valve plate 40 provided between the cylinder block 30 and the accommodation part 10a; a spring 27 that presses the cylinder block 30 against the valve plate 40; a sliding ring 60 that is disposed so as to be capable of moving eccentrically with respect to the cylinder block 30, and with which a piston shoe 70 of a piston 50 inserted into a cylinder bore 33 comes into sliding contact; and an eccentric drive part 80 that eccentrically moves the sliding ring 60.

KUBO Tomio (4-10, Mihonosato Takasago-sh, Hyogo 04, 〒6760804, JP)
SHIGETOMO Takuro (50-19, Osegi, Akaiwa-cit, Okayama 17, 〒7090717, JP)
OKAMURA Tadashi (50-19, Osegi, Akaiwa-cit, Okayama 17, 〒7090717, JP)
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November 14, 2019
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May 09, 2018
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RAPIIT CO., LTD. (50-19, Osegi Akaiwa-cit, Okayama 17, 〒7090717, JP)
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MORI Yoshiaki et al. (Room 911, Osaka-Ekimae Dai-4 Bldg. 11-4, Umeda 1-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka-sh, Osaka 01, 〒5300001, JP)
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