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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/105535
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A storage phosphor panel can include an extruded inorganic storage phosphor layer including a thermoplastic polymer and an inorganic storage phosphor material, where the extruded inorganic storage phosphor panel has an image quality comparable to that of a traditional solvent coated inorganic storage phosphor screen. Further disclosed are certain exemplary method and/or apparatus embodiments that can provide inorganic storage phosphor panels including a selected blue dye that can improve resolution. Certain exemplary storage phosphor panels include inorganic storage phosphor material with specific extrudable blue dye (copper phthalocyanine) for resolution greater than 16 line pairs per mm. Certain exemplary storage phosphor panel embodiments include any non-needle storage phosphor panel with resolution greater than or equal to 19 line pairs per mm.

JAGANNATHAN, Seshadri (150 Verona StreetRochester, NY, 14608, US)
RANKIN, Charles, M. (150 Verona StreetRochester, NY, 14608, US)
FOLTS, Lawrence, D. (150 Verona Street150 Verona Stree, Rochester NY, 14608, US)
ULREICH, Barbara (150 Verona StreetRochester, NY, 14608, US)
GUFFEY, Betsy, J. (150 Verona StreetRochec=ster, NH, 14608, US)
INGLESE, Jean-Marc (150 Verona StreetRochester, NY, 14608, US)
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Publication Date:
September 28, 2017
Filing Date:
March 31, 2016
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CARESTREAM HEALTH, INC. (150 Verona StreetRochester, NY, 14608, US)
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G21K4/00; A61B6/00; C09B47/04; G01T1/00; G01T1/203; G03C5/17
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