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WIPO Patent Application WO/2012/023202
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[Problem] The present invention provides a radio tower which, even when set up in a location where it is difficult to transmit electricity from a commercial power source, or when there is a power failure or a disaster, etc., utilizes renewable energy comprising wind power and solar power to generate electricity, and stably ensures that radio waves are sent and received by the antenna of a base station for mobile phones or a base station for disaster prevention radio communications, etc. [Solution] This radio tower (120) comprises a vertically-disposed support tower, a power supply device that utilizes renewable energy, and a control device (220). The vertically-disposed support tower is formed by vertically stacking, in five levels, three-dimensional frames that exhibit a triangular shape in a plan view, and that have an assembled structure involving three vertical support columns (122) and a coupling frame section comprising a bottom frame section (131) and a top frame section (132). Some of the frames serve as antenna installation sections in which an antenna (201) for sending and receiving radio waves is disposed. The power supply device that utilizes renewable energy comprises: vertical-axis-vertical-blade-type windmills (112) that are individually incorporated in each frame constituting the support tower, and that are rotated by wind power; wind power generators (111), each of which is equipped with a dynamo (G1) that generate power via the torque of the windmill (112); and solar power generators (120) that are individually incorporated in the frames, and that generate power via sunlight. The control device (220) controls the operation of the wind power generators (111) and the solar power generators (120), and controls the sending and receiving of radio waves by the antenna (201) by utilizing the power output by the dynamos (G1) and the solar power generators (120).

HARA Akio (2nd Fl.,Publicityflex Bldg., 19-8 Shinkou-cho Chuou-k, Niigata-shi Niigata 65, 〒9500965, JP)
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February 23, 2012
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August 20, 2010
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WINPRO CO.,LTD. (2nd Fl, Publicityflex Bldg. 19-8 Shinkou-cho Chuou-k, Niigata-shi Niigata 65, 〒9500965, JP)
株式会社WINPRO (〒65 新潟県新潟市中央区新光町19-8 パブリシティフレックスビル2階 Niigata, 〒9500965, JP)
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F03D9/00; F03D11/00
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NARA Takeshi (1-41, Katabira-choHodogaya-ku,yokohama-sh, Kanagawa 13, 〒2400013, JP)
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