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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/142838
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Provided is a reactor in which deformation of a resin material in a gap between partial cores is suppressed. The present invention has: a core 10 including T-shaped cores 12a, 12b that are a pair of partial cores disposed with a gap G therebetween; a coil 20 attached to portions of the T-shaped cores 12a, 12b; and a core case 62 which is a core mold part 6 formed integrally with a resin material and covering the T-shaped cores 12a, 12b, wherein the core case 62 has a connecting part 621 which, at a position corresponding to the gap G, is interposed between the T-shaped cores 12a, 12b, and the connection part 621 has a through-hole 622 and a pair of linkage parts 624 that face each other with the through-hole interposed therebetween and link the T-shaped cores 12a, 12b.

SUZUKI, Koutarou (TAMURA CORPORATION 5-5-30, Chiyoda, Sakado-sh, Saitama 14, 〒3500214, JP)
UEKUSA, Yasuhiro (TAMURA CORPORATION 5-5-30, Chiyoda, Sakado-sh, Saitama 14, 〒3500214, JP)
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July 25, 2019
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January 16, 2019
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TAMURA CORPORATION (1-19-43, Higashi-Oizumi Nerima-k, Tokyo 11, 〒1788511, JP)
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KIUCHI, Mitsuharu et al. (5th Floor, Toranomon-Yoshiara Bldg. 6-13, Nishi-shinbashi 1-chome, Minato-k, Tokyo 03, 〒1050003, JP)
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