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WIPO Patent Application WO/2007/013505
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A reciprocating cycle engine comprising an inner stator having an axis line, a tubular moving element arranged around and coaxially with the inner stator and reciprocating along the axis line, and a tubular outer stator arranged around and coaxially in the inner circumferential surface side facing the moving element, an internal space open through that opening, and a winding coil arranged in the internal space. The moving element comprises a field magnet section, and restoration magnet sections provided at both ends positions along the axis line of the field magnet section. The boundary plane of the field magnet section and each restoration magnet section is arranged to extend over the edge of the opening and reach the interior thereof when the moving element reaches the end-of-stroke position where the load on the reciprocating cycle engine is a maximum value.

MIYAHARA, Masahisa (NIIGATA PLANT 3-1-1, Kogane-cho, Niigata-sh, Niigata 40, 9508640, JP)
宮原 正久 (〒40 新潟県新潟市小金町3-1-1 三菱マテリアル株式会社 新潟製作所内 Niigata, 9508640, JP)
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Publication Date:
February 01, 2007
Filing Date:
July 26, 2006
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MITSUBISHI MATERIALS PMG CORPORATION (3-1-1, Kogane-cho Niigata-sh, Niigata 40, 9508640, JP)
三菱マテリアルPMG株式会社 (〒40 新潟県新潟市小金町3-1-1 Niigata, 9508640, JP)
MIYAHARA, Masahisa (NIIGATA PLANT 3-1-1, Kogane-cho, Niigata-sh, Niigata 40, 9508640, JP)
International Classes:
H02K35/02; F02G1/053; H02K33/16
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SHIGA, Masatake et al. (2-3-1, Yaesu Chuo-k, Tokyo 53, 1048453, JP)
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