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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/082918
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Provided are a refrigeration device and a refrigeration method with which ice slurry for efficiently freezing an article to be frozen can be optimally supplied to a storage tank. A refrigeration device 400 according to the present invention is provided with: a refrigeration tank 410 that is provided with a bottom surface portion 411 and a side surface portion 412, and has a plurality of ice slurry ejection ports 414 at least in the bottom surface portion 411; a conveyor 433 for successively moving articles to be frozen in an ice slurry S stored in the refrigeration tank 410; and ice slurry supply means 420, 450, 456 for ejecting the ice slurry S from the ice slurry ejection port 414 into the refrigeration tank 410. The refrigeration tank 410 has an ice slurry discharge port 415. The refrigeration device 400 is further provided with an ice slurry regeneration means 450 for regenerating the ice slurry S discharged from the ice slurry discharge port 415 and supplying the regenerated ice slurry S to the refrigeration tank 410.

HIROKANE Yoshio (33-4, Nishi-shimbashi 2-chome, Minato-k, Tokyo 03, 〒1050003, JP)
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May 02, 2019
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October 24, 2018
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BLANCTEC CO., LTD. (33-4, Nishi-shimbashi 2-chome Minato-k, Tokyo 03, 〒1050003, JP)
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F25D13/06; A23L3/36; F25C1/00; F25D9/00; F25D13/00
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SHOBAYASHI Masayuki et al. (Sapia Tower, 1-7-12 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-k, Tokyo 05, 〒1000005, JP)
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