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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/017088
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Disclosed is a refrigeration system comprising a refrigerant circuit (10), a heat exchanger (34), an expansion member (38) which, in the active state, expands the entire mass flow (G) of the refrigerant, in said process generating a main mass flow (H) of liquid refrigerant and an additional mass flow (Z) of gaseous refrigerant, both of which enter an intermediate pressure accumulator (42), the refrigeration system further comprising at least one normal cooling stage (52) which expands a normal cooling mass flow (N) to a low pressure in at least one normal cooling expansion unit (54), in said process making available refrigerating power for normal cooling, the refrigeration system also comprising a refrigerant compressor unit (12) that compresses the normal cooling mass flow from the low pressure to a high pressure, and a parallel compressor (164) which, in a parallel compression mode of the refrigerant circuit, sucks in refrigerant from the intermediate pressure accumulator and compresses same to a high pressure. In order to increase the efficiency of a refrigeration system of this type, the power of the parallel compressor is controlled by a controller (40), the controller determines at least one reference variable representing a load condition of the refrigerant circuit, the controller determines a desired intermediate pressure value on the basis of the at least one reference variable at least during operation of the parallel compressor, and the controller adjusts the intermediate pressure in accordance with the desired intermediate pressure value at least during operation of the parallel compressor.

JAVERSCHEK, Oliver (Gänsbergring 54, Herrenberg, 71083, DE)
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March 30, 2017
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July 26, 2016
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BITZER KÜHLMASCHINENBAU GMBH (Eschenbrünnlestrasse 15, Sindelfingen, 71065, DE)
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F25B1/10; F25B49/02; F25B5/02; F25B9/00; F25B41/04
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HOEGER, STELLRECHT & PARTNER PATENTANWÄLTE MBB (Uhlandstrasse 14 c, Stuttgart, 70182, DE)
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