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WIPO Patent Application WO/2015/071411
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A riser connector assembly (6) for connecting two riser sections (5a, b) in an end-to-end relationship comprises a first connector assembly portion (6a), a second connector assembly portion (6b), and a locking ring (11) rotatably connected to the first connector assembly portion (6a). Locking members are configured and arranged to selectively and releasably interlock by relative rotation between the first connector assembly portion and the locking ring (11) and the second connector assembly portion (6b). The locking ring (11) is rotatable between a first position where all said locking members are interlocked, a second position where the first locking members (20, 21) and the third locking members (25, 26) are interlocked but the second locking members (19) and the fourth locking members (24) not interlocked, and a third position where none of said locking members are interlocked and the locking ring (11) is removable from the first connector assembly portion (6a). At least one of the assembly portions (6a, b) comprises alignment means (27).

BJØRNEKLETT, Børge (Vollsveien 216, Eiksmarka, N-1359, NO)
HANSSON, Per Martin Erik (Sandlyckans väg 104, Kullavik, S-429 32, SE)
SOLBERG, Stian (Grønland 54, Drammen, N-3045, NO)
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Publication Date:
December 17, 2015
Filing Date:
November 14, 2014
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MARITIME PROMECO AS (Butangen 20, Kristiansand S, N-4639, NO)
International Classes:
F16L37/113; E21B17/08
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ZACCO NORWAY AS (P.O. Box 2003 Vika, Haakon VII's gt. 2, 0125 Oslo, NO)
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