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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/002589
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To realize a collaboration environment for a robot device and a worker in which work efficiency is improved. In a robot system according to the present embodiment, a plurality of robot devices (1A, 1B, 1C) provided with articulated arm mechanisms are disposed near a worker. The articulated arm mechanism (200A) includes: a base part (10A); an arm part (2A) having capabilities for torsional rotation about a first axis approximately along the center line of the base part, bending rotation about a second axis orthogonal to the first axis, and linear extension along a third axis orthogonal to the second axis; and an end effector (3A) mounted on the distal end of the arm part. In order for the plurality of robot devices to carry out tasks in collaboration with each other and with the worker, the base parts (10A, 10B, 10C) of each of the plurality of robot devices are positioned such that the regions in which the distal ends of the arm parts can move overlap with the region of work by the worker.

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January 05, 2017
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June 12, 2016
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LIFE ROBOTICS INC. (2-9-11, Tomioka Koto-k, Tokyo 47, 〒1350047, JP)
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B25J13/08; B25J18/02
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SEVEN COLOR PATENT FIRM (3rd Floor AIOS Akihabara, 3-2-2 Ueno, Taito-k, Tokyo 05, 〒1100005, JP)
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