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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/167163
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The rolling cylinder-type displacement compressor according to the present invention is provided with: a cylindrical rolling cylinder having a cylinder groove; a revolving piston having a slide groove; a stationary cylinder; a pin structure; a drive source; a drive transmission part connecting the rolling cylinder and the drive source to each other; and a casing in which the revolving piston, the rolling cylinder, the stationary cylinder, the pin structure, the drive source, and the drive transmission part are housed. The revolving piston, the rolling cylinder, and the stationary cylinder constitute a compression part. The pin structure is fitted into the slide groove. The revolving piston relatively reciprocates in the cylinder groove. In the compression part, a suction chamber, a compression chamber, and a discharge chamber are formed by the reciprocation. The drive source drives at least the rolling cylinder via the drive transmission part. Accordingly, collisions between movable compression elements in a rolling cylinder-type displacement compressor are reduced, whereby degradation of performance of the compressor can be suppressed.

TSUBONO Isamu (6-6, Marunouchi 1-chome, Chiyoda-k, Tokyo 80, 〒1008280, JP)
KOSOKABE Hirokatsu (6-6, Marunouchi 1-chome, Chiyoda-k, Tokyo 80, 〒1008280, JP)
TSUCHIYA Naohiro (Inc. 16-1, Kaigan 1-chome, Minato-k, Tokyo 22, 〒1050022, JP)
TAKESAWA Kenji (Inc. 16-1, Kaigan 1-chome, Minato-k, Tokyo 22, 〒1050022, JP)
WATANABE Keigo (Inc. 16-1, Kaigan 1-chome, Minato-k, Tokyo 22, 〒1050022, JP)
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September 06, 2019
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February 28, 2018
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HITACHI-JOHNSON CONTROLS AIR CONDITIONING, INC. (16-1, Kaigan 1-chome Minato-k, Tokyo 22, 〒1050022, JP)
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F04C18/10; F04B27/06
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POLAIRE I.P.C. (13-11, Nihonbashikayabacho 2-chome Chuo-k, Tokyo 25, 〒1030025, JP)
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