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WIPO Patent Application WO/2009/111913
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A rotary cutting machine includes a machine base (10), and a first power source (11) is provided on one side of the machine base (10) to bring a cutting tool (12) rotate. A chuck (13) to pre-grip an object (20) which needs to be cut is provided on the other side of the machine base (10) adjacent to the blade of the cutting tool (12). A second power source (14) is provided on one side of the chuck (13) to bring the chuck (13) rotate reversely, and the chuck (13) is provided on a displacement device (15) set on the machine base (10). When the object (20) is to be cut, the first power source (11) bring the cutting tool (12) rotate in a forward direction, and the second power source (14) bring the object (20) which needs to be cut rotate reversely. The chuck (13) moves towards the blade of the cutting tool (12) by the displacement device (15) to make the object (20) gripped by the chuck (13) contact with the blade. Because of the reverse rotation against the blade, the object (20) will be cut quickly and accurately. The rotary cutting machine can steadily grip the object which needs to be cut on the chuck, improve the cutting efficiency and quality, and improve the cutting precision.

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September 17, 2009
Filing Date:
October 10, 2008
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TAIWAN MORE-CASH VILLAGER CORP. (No.47, Lane 221 Ren Hua Rd., Ta-L, Taichung Taiwan, Taiwan, CN)
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B23D21/00; B23D47/04; B26D1/00; B26D7/02
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PACIFIC CHINA INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CO., LTD (30112M/F Scitech Plaza, No.22 JianGuoMenWai Avenue.ChaoYang District, Beijing 4, 100004, CN)
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