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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/133430
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A rotary damper that self-recovers against damping effect reduction. The rotary damper comprises a housing (10), a rotary shaft (20) and blades (30), the blades (30) being connected to the rotary shaft (20), and the blades (30) being provided with a driving structure. When the rotary shaft (20) rotates in a direction which generates damping, damping oil forms a driving force to the driving structure, the blades (30) are driven by the driving structure to generate an elastic deformation, and to extend outward, the outer sides of the blades (30) clinging to the inner wall of the housing (10). The blades (30) and connecting ribs (21) are corresponding spiral structures, causing the damping oil to generate a downward tensile force on the spiral blades (30) when the damping effect is generated, and the blades (30) drive the rotary shaft (20) downward to rest against a bottom surface of the housing (10), so as to generate a self-locking force, so that the damping oil is further prevented from flowing through a position between the rotary shaft (20) and the bottom surface of the housing (10) and affecting the damping effect, so as to make the damping effect more stable. When the outer sides and end faces of the blades (30) have abrasion, the rotary damper can recover itself against the problem of damping effect reduction resulting from an oversized oil passing gap due to the abrasion, so that the service life of the damper can be prolonged.

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WANG, Xiangji (No.2, Xiafei East Road Haicang Distric, Xiamen Fujian 8, 361028, CN)
CHEN, Wencheng (No.2, Xiafei East Road Haicang Distric, Xiamen Fujian 8, 361028, CN)
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August 10, 2017
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January 16, 2017
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WANG, Xiangji (No.2, Xiafei East Road Haicang Distric, Xiamen Fujian 8, 361028, CN)
International Classes:
F16F9/14; A47K13/12; F16C11/04
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
SHOUCHUANG JUNHE PATENT AGENT CO.,LTD.XIAMEN (Room 606, No.23-3 Wanghai Road,Xiamen Software Park Phase 2, Siming Distric, Xiamen Fujian 2, 361012, CN)
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