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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/122670
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A rotating electric machine is equipped with: a rotor (4) having magnets 16 wherein a plurality of N-pole magnets (16N) and a plurality of S-pole magnets (16S) are arranged in order along the rotational direction; three Hall ICs (50u, 50v, 50w) arranged so as to oppose at least a portion of the magnets (16) and aligned in the rotational direction; and a linear output unit that, in accordance with the residual magnetic flux density of the magnets (16), changes and then outputs the output result of magnetic pole signals from the three Hall ICs (50u, 50v, 50w). On at least a portion of the pole surface of any one of the N-pole magnets (16N) and S-pole magnets (16S) a different-density section having a different residual magnetic flux density is formed, and at least one of the three Hall ICs (50u, 50v, 50w) opposes the different-density section.

HAGIMURA Masami (2681 Hirosawa-cho 1-chome, Kiryu-sh, Gunma 55, 〒3768555, JP)
HASHIMOTO Takahiko (2681 Hirosawa-cho 1-chome, Kiryu-sh, Gunma 55, 〒3768555, JP)
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July 20, 2017
Filing Date:
January 11, 2017
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MITSUBA CORPORATION (2681, Hirosawa-cho 1-chome Kiryu-sh, Gunma 55, 〒3768555, JP)
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H02K11/215; F02D45/00; F02P5/145; H02K7/18
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SHIGA Masatake et al. (1-9-2, Marunouchi Chiyoda-k, Tokyo 20, 〒1006620, JP)
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