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WIPO Patent Application WO/2003/082532
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The present invention relates to a safe knife sheath comprising a sheath body and a movable blade support. The blade support is slidably mounted in the sheath body. A push button is elastically mounted at the front portion of the sheath body. A positioning element is provided at the lower portion of the push button and a positioning groove corresponding to the positioning element is farmed in the lower−portion of the blade support. A positioning channel is provided at the top portion inside the sheath body and a positioning lobe corresponding to the positioning channel is formed at the top of the blade support. The push button is in contact with a first reset spring, the other end of which is fixed at the upper portion of the sheath body. At the back side of the blade support is provided with a trapezium sheet and at the lower side of which there is a second reset spring, one end of which is connected with the lower end of the sheath body and the other end of which is fixed inside the sheath body. The advantages of the safe knife sheath according to the present invention reside in the safety, portability, and convenience in use, and further, the sheath can be cleaned at any time and kept from rust to extend thus the service life of the knife.

Wong, Waiyip (Flat B, 11/Fl Block 6, 11 Classica Garden, Taip, New Territories Hong Kong, CN)
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October 09, 2003
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March 28, 2002
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Wong, Waiyip (Flat B, 11/Fl Block 6, 11 Classica Garden, Taip, New Territories Hong Kong, CN)
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B09B3/00; B01J2/20; B26B3/02; B26B29/02; B30B11/20; B30B11/22; B30B11/28; C10L5/44; C12P7/08; (IPC1-7): B26B3/02; B26B29/02
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JEEKAI & PARTNERS (Suite 602, Jinyu Tower A129 West Xuan Wu Men Street, Beijing 1, 10003, CN)
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