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WIPO Patent Application WO/2012/095737
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It is described a belay, of static or dynamic type, and descender, of self-blocking type and not, device for securing one or more ropes (10) comprising a main body (1) composed of at least two or more flat plates (2, 2A, 3) constrained one to another according to planes preferably parallel, or slightly tilted, by a plurality of spacer pins (4 - 7). The rope/s is/are inserted inside the body of the device which further comprises a first karabiner (15) hooked to the main body by passing through an opening (8) in the device body. The karabiner (15) is movable in the opening between an unlocking position of the rope, that is the usual use condition, and an emergency position wherein the rope is blocked, and vice versa. The device further comprises a hole (60) passing through the device body allowing the hooking of the first karabiner (15) removed from the opening (8) or of a second karabiner (61) around which the rope/s (10) is/are passed, and further means for constraining the device body to a fixed hooking point (80), which comprise at least one through hole (70) inside which a further respective karabiner (71 ) is hooked.

PAGLIOLI, Carlo (Via Torchio 22, Cisano Bergamasco, I-24034, IT)
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Publication Date:
November 08, 2012
Filing Date:
January 12, 2012
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ALUDESIGN S.P.A. (Via Torchio 22, Cisano Bergamasco, I-24034, IT)
PAGLIOLI, Carlo (Via Torchio 22, Cisano Bergamasco, I-24034, IT)
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A62B1/14; A63B29/02; A63B69/00
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MARIETTI, Giuseppe (Marietti, Gislon e Trupiano S.r.l.Via Larg, 16 Milan, I-20122, IT)
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