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WIPO Patent Application WO/2007/053920
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Safety lock against robbery is a cylindrical piece which superior edge is blocked and it is provided with a tetrakey lock that allows its easy placing and removal while the inferior part is completely opened and it encircles the screw completely preventing its removal by means of tools such as levers, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc. Safety lock against robbery protects and prevents the theft of wheels and tires, breaking and entering of doors, gates and windows. Safety lock against robbery. As it is shown in Figure 05 part 01 is twisted in a fixed screw shortly afterwards it is connected to Figure 02 and it should move freely for both sides avoiding the removal of the piece of figure 01.

FRANGES MONTES, Luiz Carlos (Avenida Alameda Colonial, 253Recanto das Torres, -000-Uberaba-MG, 38057, BR)
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May 18, 2007
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May 09, 2006
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AGROSAT INDUSTRIA E COMÉRCIO LTDA (Avenida Cel Zacarias Borges de Araújo, 2103Distrito Industrial I, CEP:-630 Uberaba MG, 38056, BR)
FRANGES MONTES, Luiz Carlos (Avenida Alameda Colonial, 253Recanto das Torres, -000-Uberaba-MG, 38057, BR)
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CIDWAN UBERLÃNDIA LTDA (Avenida Alexandre Rineiro Guimarães, 15Bairro Santa Mari, -050 Uberlãndia MG, 38408, BR)
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Safety lock against robbery

It is manufactured in carbon steel 1020 orl045 by means of a process characterized by the exclusive and proper" use of the protection of the screw of wheels, tires, doors, gates, windows, etc. It presents itself in a sole cylindrical piece which superior edge is completely blocked and it is provided with a tetrakey lock for an easy handle and transport.

Safety lock against robbery

It distinguishes too for a perfect adaptation of the screw of the wheel, door, gate or window avoiding the use of any tools such as lever, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc to remove the Trava Tudo - Safety lock against robbery -from any screw that it is attached.

Safety lock against robbery is characterized for not having the same measures in its .shape as well as material depth, height and diameter.

Safety lock against robbery can be manufactured in different sizes for different types of keys .


λλ Safety Lock against robbery".

The present patent invention concerns to a safety lock against robbery to car wheels , spare tires, gates and windows that is to say a device that in a sole piece connected to a screw prevents all kinds of theft.

Safety Lock against robbery can easily be carried by its owner since it has small dimensions and can be inserted and removed from the screw due to an easy to handle lock system by means of a tetrakey (crisscrossed key) .

For a better comprehension of the present device a meticulous description is done making reference to the attached drawings where: Figure 01 represents a nut of the external hexagonal body with .an internal screw thread, an internal depression of the superior part and a ring separating this depression from the nut; the hexagonal nut should be fasten to a screw. Figure 02 represents the protective safety part of Trava Tudo; it is a cylindrical device that will move freely for both sides after being fixed hardening the removal of the hexagonal nut that should be fasten to a screw. Figure 03 represents the cylinder of the tetrakey that will contain a safety pin to lock the device showed on figure 02.

Figure 04 represents the tetrakey.

Figure 05 represents the device properly assembled, viewed from the superior part to below.

Figure 06 represents a door locked with Trava Tudo. It is located between the door and the doorway and can be placed on the superior or inferior part of the dborway. Figure 07 represents a sliding gate with a Trava Tudo placed in the middle of the gate's doorpost.

Figure 08 shows how the TravaTudo shall be installed and it can be used in any kind of vehicles or trucks .

Figure 09 shows a sliding window with a Trava Tudo properly installed in the central part instead of padlocks .

Figure 10 is a demonstration of our Trava Tudo properly disassembled with its relating parts in the following order :

Part 01 - screw to be placed in doors, gates and window.

Part 02 — hexagonal nut to be fixed in a screw. Part 03 - Trava Tudo cylindrical cover of safety

Part 04 — pvc cap or rubber to protect Trava Tudo

Part 05 - tetrakey to open Trava Tudo.