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WIPO Patent Application WO/2011/090234
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The present invention relates to a safety lock nut for preventing a nut fastened to a threaded bolt shaft from arbitrarily loosening therefrom, and particularly, to a safety lock nut capable of easily being fastened to or loosened from a threaded bolt shaft that is fastened therethrough without damaging the threaded bolt shaft when the need for fastening or loosening the nut arises, and capable of being firmly fastened to a threaded shaft so as to not arbitrarily loosen from the threaded shaft due to external vibrations. The safety lock nut comprises a nut and coil spring. The nut comprises: a hexagonal nut portion including a threaded hole in a center thereof into which a threaded shaft can be fastened; a round nut portion integrally extending from the top surface of the hexagonal nut portion and including a recessed portion therein having an inner diameter that is comparatively greater than the threaded hole; a winding portion including a stepped surface on the top surface of the recessed portion; and a guiding long hole formed in a bottom side of the round nut portion so as to communicate with the recessed portion. The coil spring comprises: a coil portion having built-in tensioning force and capable of being inserted into the recessed portion of the round nut portion; a top coil portion extending from the top end of the coil portion to be fixed and coupled by being wound by means of a winding surface while seated on the stepped surface; and a bent end portion at the bottom end of the coil portion that is outwardly bent so as to pass through the guiding long hole.

IM, Young Woo (917dong, 1004ho Dawon Hyosung Apt,Chong-suk maeul, 986th Dayul-ri, Gyoha-ue, paju-Si Gyeonggi-do 413-832, 413-832, KR)
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July 28, 2011
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April 20, 2010
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IMJIN S.T CO.,LTD (423-7, Maekgeum-dongpaju-Si, Gyeonggi-do 413-060, 413-060, KR)
주식회사 임진에스티 (경기도 파주시 맥금동 423-7, 413-060 Gyeonggi-do, 413-060, KR)
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F16B39/12; F16B37/12; F16B39/02
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WHOANG, Won Taik (#302 Baek-Ak Bldg, 828-52Yeoksam-dong,Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-080, 135-080, KR)
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