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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/209521
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Provided is a scaffold for cell culture or tissue engineering. The scaffold according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises a fiber web having a three-dimensional network structure and formed by including a biodegradable scaffold fiber. Therefore, cell proliferation rate and survival rate can be improved according to the provision of a microenvironment scaffold suitable for the migration, proliferation, and differentiation of the cells to be cultured. In addition, since the scaffold can be easily removed without physically/chemically stimulating the cells cultured in the scaffold, the recovery of the cultured cells is simple, and the scaffold can be transplanted in vivo while including the cultured cells. Moreover, the shape/structure of the cells to be cultured can be cultured similarly to those of actual animal bodies such that the cultured cells can be more suitably applied, for transplantation, to in vitro experimental models or animal bodies. Furthermore, as the scaffold according to one embodiment of the present invention is modified into a substance for helping the culturing/differentiation of cells, proliferation and survival of the cells can be more improved and the cells to be cultured can be easily implemented into a three-dimensional shape.

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December 07, 2017
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May 31, 2017
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AMOLIFESCIENCE CO., LTD. (3rd Floor, 56 Naruteo-ro,,Seocho-gu, Seoul, 06527, KR)
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C12N5/00; A61L27/14; A61L27/18; A61L27/38; A61L27/44; A61L27/54; C12M3/00; D04H13/00
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SISSON, KRISTIN ET AL.: "Fiber Diameters Control Osteoblastic Cell Migration and Differentiation in Electrospun Gelatin", JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL MATERIALS RESEARCH PART A, vol. 94, 14 May 2010 (2010-05-14), pages 1312 - 1320, XP055447007
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ERUUM & LEEON INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW FIRM (3rd Floor, 108 Sapyeong-daero,,Seocho-gu, Seoul, 06575, KR)
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