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WIPO Patent Application WO/2016/185620
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Provided is a DC motor which rotates a rotor having permanent magnets (3) that have been magnetized. A housing (1) of the motor can be made thin as a result of the motor having a configuration such that fixed armatures (2) around which coils are wound sandwich both sides, in the rotation shaft (4) direction, of the rotor which is a combination of at least two permanent magnets (3). Further, it is theoretically possible to add in series, and in an alternating manner, the permanent magnet rotor (3) of the same structure and the fixed armatures (2), in the shaft-extension direction of the tip of the fixed armatures (2), and thus, it becomes possible to obtain an even greater rotational force. In the case of claim 2, the motor has a configuration in which, at a predetermined position parallel with the rotation shaft (4), fixed permanent magnet (8) N-S poles are disposed on the left and right sides of the rotor having a structure in which arranged with the rotation shaft (4) in the center are three armatures (10) formed by winding a coil around an iron rod, and due to this configuration, the motor rotates due to the application of current through a brush (12). The motor is such that rotation is smooth because rotation is induced from the left and right sides of the armatures by using the permanent magnets (8), and the housing can be made thin.

NISHIMURA, Masayuki (2-96, nishi-machi Ayabe-cit, Kyoto 16, 〒6230016, JP)
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November 24, 2016
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May 20, 2015
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NISHIMURA, Masayuki (2-96, nishi-machi Ayabe-cit, Kyoto 16, 〒6230016, JP)
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H02K21/24; H02K16/04
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