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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/146191
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The invention relates to shears (1) having two limbs (2, 3), each of which comprises a handle region (4, 5) at one end and a cutting edge (6, 7) at the other end, wherein, in addition, the limbs (2, 3) are connected to each other at a revolute joint (9), with one fixed limb (2, 3), which is fixed relative to the revolute joint (9) during an opening and closing movement, and one movable limb (3, 2), wherein the limbs (2, 3) can move between an open position and a closed position while being limited by a stop and, in the closed position, the cutting edges (6, 7) pass each other over substantially their entire length (l). In order to provide shears which allow functionally reliable handling, even for cutting material requiring high shearing forces, as well as the best possible cutting result, the invention proposes that, on the handle side of the revolute joint (9), the fixed or the movable limb (2, 3) extends relative to the movable or fixed limb (3, 2) such that it is supported in a planar manner on both sides in a region of overlap with the movable or fixed limb (2, 3), wherein, in addition, the limbs (2, 3) comprise surface regions (20, 21) which, in the closed position, rest against one another in the region in which they are on top of each other and are each exposed on the opposite side (24, 25).

HEINSOHN, Andreas (Kottsiepen 18, Wuppertal, 42369, DE)
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Publication Date:
November 15, 2018
Filing Date:
February 08, 2018
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KNIPEX-WERK C. GUSTAV PUTSCH KG (Oberkamper Straße 13, Wuppertal, 42349, DE)
International Classes:
B26B13/16; B23D29/02
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MÜLLER, Enno et al. (Rieder & Partner mbB, Corneliusstraße 45, Wuppertal, 42329, DE)
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