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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/206486
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A simple pair of slippers. The slipper comprises a sole (1) and a vamp (2). The sole (1) is a flexible sheet. A portion of the vamp (2) corresponding to a front end of the sole (1) has areas extending beyond two sides of the sole. The vamp (2) and the front end of the sole (1) have identical shapes. An edge of the vamp (2) is connected to a side edge corresponding to the shape of the front end of the sole (1). The flexible sheet is a composite constructed by hot pressing, and has a bottom layer made of an anti-slipping sponge (11), an intermediate layer (12) made of an EVA, and a top layer made of a nonwoven fabric (13). The vamp (2) is made of a nonwoven fabric. The sole (1) and vamp (2) are connected at the connection area by means of ultrasonic hole-punching. The ultrasonic hole-punching connection along the edge of the sole (1) enhances the composite strength of the sole (1). An ultrasonic weld (4) is provided in a central area of the vamp (2) to create a temporary connection between the vamp (2) and the sole (1). As every part is provided in sheet form, a connection operation can be easily implemented in a production line. The ultrasonic weld (4) provided in the central area of the vamp (2) provides a temporary connection. The weld is also ripped open when using a final product, thereby providing the product with a single-use feature.

FU, Chunxiu (No. 15, Sanxin Road Hangji Tow, Yangzhou Jiangsu 1, 225111, CN)
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December 07, 2017
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December 19, 2016
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FU, Chunxiu (No. 15, Sanxin Road Hangji Tow, Yangzhou Jiangsu 1, 225111, CN)
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BEIJING KEYI INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY FIRM (Tang Dongfeng, Hejingyuan No. 1-2-502 Jimenli, Hai Dian District, Beijing 8, 100088, CN)
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