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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/137929
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A skin care fabric for medical, pharmaceutical or cosmetic use includes at least 80% by weight of microfibers whose fibers have a diameter of less than 50 microns and are a mixture of polyamide and polyester, wherein the fabric has been subjected to a splitting process by a alkaline solution treatment, splitting each microfiber producing fine fibers closely packed in a parallel structure having a capillary effect and an abrasive effect. The fabric has a surface weight of less than 180 g/m2 and is loaded with medical, pharmaceutical or cosmetic active agents. The fabric is a warp-knitted fabric having a first surface on one opposite side and a second surface on the other opposite side, wherein the first surface is mechanically roughened and cut making it fluffy and yet short-haired compact in order to leave as few loose fibers as possible on the skin during use and resulting in a further surface enlargement of the fabric structure, having a water absorbency of at least four times the surface weight of the fabric.

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LEHMANN, Markus (Oberdorfstrasse 20, 8001 Zürich, 8001, CH)
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July 18, 2019
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January 09, 2019
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FILAG MEDICAL SCHWEIZ AG (Schweizersbildstrasse 41, 8207 Schaffhausen, 8207, CH)
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D06M23/12; A47K7/02; A61F13/00; A61K8/02; D04B21/16; D04H1/45; D04H5/02; D04H11/08; D06M11/38; D06M11/84; D06M101/32; D06M101/34
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DATABASE WPI Week 200568, Derwent World Patents Index; AN 2005-660933, XP002779978
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SCHNEIDER FELDMANN AG (Beethovenstrasse 49, 8027 Zürich, 8027, CH)
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