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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/193587
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Provided are a slipper and a manufacturing method therefor. The slipper comprises: a shoe sole body (2), a functional layer (1) located below the shoe sole body (2), a face material layer (3) located on the shoe sole body (2), and a shoe upper (4), wherein the functional layer (1), the body (2), the face material layer (3) and the shoe upper (4) are sutured through an ultrasonic puncture process, and ultrasonically punctured holes are fused to connect these components so as to form a suture line (5). The manufacturing method comprises: A. material preparation: a shoe sole body coiled material, a functional layer coiled material, a face material layer coiled material and a shoe upper coiled material are prepared; B. coiled material superposition process: each coiled material arranged according to a determined layered location is sent to an ultrasonic puncture suturing work station; and C. ultrasonic puncture suture: the edge is trimmed, and sent to an assembly line. The design of the structure and process of the slipper can realize automation in the assembly line for the composite multi-layered shoe sole and upper operation, improve the production efficiency and reduce the labour cost, and function to prevent repeated usage.

FU, Chunxiu (No.15, Sanxin Road Hangji Tow, Yangzhou Jiangsu 1, 225111, CN)
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Publication Date:
November 16, 2017
Filing Date:
December 19, 2016
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FU, Chunxiu (No.15, Sanxin Road Hangji Tow, Yangzhou Jiangsu 1, 225111, CN)
International Classes:
A43B3/10; A43B13/12
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BEIJING KEYI INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY FIRM (Tang Dongfeng, Hejingyuan No.1-2-502 Jimenli, Hai Dian District, Beijing 8, 100088, CN)
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