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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/102236
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The subject of this invention is a smoothing tool with a flexible surface, whose grip (1) can be opened due to its hinged implementation. The grip surface (1) has a fastening borehole (4) as a counterpart of the two fastening knobs created on the shovel part (2). The grip (1) attached to the smoothing tool has a universal design and can be attached to any shovel parts (2), where the latter is manufactured in various sizes and shapes.

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May 31, 2019
Filing Date:
March 02, 2018
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E04F21/16; B05C17/06; B26B3/00; E04G21/20
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KASZÁS, Eszter (HU)
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1. Smoothing tool with a flexible surface, fitted with a grip surface, characterized by the grip surface (1) being replaceably attached to the elastic and flexible shovel part (2), moreover, the surface of the shovel part (2) that directly interacts with the work area is preferably created as a narrow-ended work surface (3).

2. The shovel part (2) of the smoothing tool with a flexible surface described in Claim 1, characterized by being manufactured in various sizes, preferably from an elastic and flexible plastic or rubber, to which the grip surface ( 1 ) can be attached.

3. The smoothing tool with a flexible surface described in Claim 1, characterized by the shovel part (2) ending in a preferably narrowed work surface (3) in the area where the shovel meets the surface it is working on.

4. The smoothing tool with a flexible surface described in Claim 1, characterized by all versions of the flexible and varying-sized shovel parts (2) attaching and detaching to the grip surface (1) via a fastening borehole (4) created on the hinged grip (1) or via a fastening knob (5) created on the shovel part (2); however, this may be replaced by other preferred solutions suitable for secure and easily detachable fastening of the two parts.


received by the International Bureau on 18 October 2018 (18.10.2018)

1-3. (cancelled)

4. Smoothing tool with a flexible surface , where the smoothing tool comprises a grip (1) and a shovel part (2), the grip (1) has two halves rotatably connected on their edges, the two halves of the grip (1) enclose a portion of the shovel part (2), the shovel part (2) has a preferably narrow- ended work surface (3) in the area where the shovel part (2) meets the surface it is working on, and the smoothing tool is characterized by a substantial portion of the flexible and elastic shovel part (2) extending from between the two halves of the grip (1), the connection between the two halves of the grip (1) being hinged, all versions of the varying-sized shovel parts (2) having a universal attachment part with at least one fastening knob (5) fitting into fastening boreholes (4) created on the grip (1); however, this may be replaced by other preferred solutions suitable for secure and easily detachable fastening of the two parts.

5. The smoothing tool with a flexible surface described in Claim 4, characterized in that the shovel part (2) is made of plastic or rubber.

Smoothing tool with a flexible surface

The utility model is a uniquely designed hand tool preferably used for smoothing plastering. The device is applicable for working on smaller negative and positive surfaces. The implementation can be used for walls and wooden materials, making it suitable for specialized jobs in painting, woodworking and working with stucco.

The above jobs are usually done with home-made DIY tools or other equipment not specifically made for this purpose, which are inadequate for use in professional work.

The following is an introduction to some of the tools related to this field. The description registered under No. W02007018690 and titled„TAPING KNIFE HANDLE WITH IDENTIFICATION INSERT” describes a simple hand tool with a replaceable handle. Its advantage is that the required work surface can be selected by replacing the handle. We see its disadvantage in that only the shape and form of the replaceable work surface is different, thereby its various types can only be used on the same work area, and its architecture is not suitable for other surfaces. Its disadvantage therefore in our opinion is the relatively narrow options for replaceable work surfaces and the great number of possibilities for faults due to the relatively complicated implementation of the handle. The next invention is a specialized tool registered under No. USD784100S and is titled « UTILITY PUTTY KNIFE WITH RETRACTABLE TOOL”, the implementation of which is suitable for working on positive direction surfaces, while it is also milled for aiding other necessary tasks during work. It can be described as a very versatile tool with all its functions implemented on a single surface, however, from the point of view of our invention there are no similarities other than versatility, since it does not contain any replaceable units that can have various sizes and structural implementations.

The subject of the invention therefore is a versatile tool that can be used primarily for plastering. The working surface of this unique and advanced putty knife is a soft surface made preferably of soft plastic. The area between the handle and the work surface of the putty knife can be implemented in varying sizes and width: The unit holding the varying-sized work surface, that is the shovel unit, is manufactured without a grip surface, and can be used by attaching a single grip unit that is universal, meaning that it can be attached to all shovel units, and is preferably made with a plastic/ rubber structure and surface. The shovel surface is preferably made of flexible rubber. The work surface, or shovel, in the description of the tool has been specified separately for a more detailed description of the device, but in their material structure and manufacturing architecture these are one homogenous surface. Our primary concern when creating the invention was to solve the problem of plastering and working oh surfaces with varying positive and negative curves. There are no currently known tools for such surfaces where the material structure of the tool allows it to adjust to the exact arc of the work area.

Another advantage of the invention is that we can select shovels with varying sizes according to the work area, which of course have their accompanying work surfaces of varying size. Prioritizing thrift, the various sizes of shovels and work surfaces do not all have separate grips, instead, there is a single grip surface that comes with the unit, which can be applied to the attachment part of each shovel due to its universal implementation.

Our solution therefore is based on the recognition of the multifaceted issues in plastering and related works. These jobs are usually done while standing on a ladder or under accident-prone circumstances, making its especially useful if the obstacles and problems that occur can be handled by the universal application of a single tool group.

The invention has a replaceable, universal grip surface attachable to all sizes of the shovel part. The shovel is specifically made of plastic or rubber to ensure flexibility for accurate work.

The invention can be used on all surfaces, whether plastering is to be done on wood or on a wall.

Hereunder, we will describe a favourable design of the smoothing tool with flexible surface by using schematic diagrams.

Diagram 1 : smoothing tool with flexible surface and grip

Diagram 2: grip implementation

Diagram 3: grip implementation

Diagram 1 demonstrates that, in a preferable setting, the handle 1 can be opened and then closed with the help of the fastening knobs. Various other shapes are also suitable for performing this task. The next, central unit of the device is the shovel part 2, implemented in several different sizes. Its material is an adequately flexible plastic. Its shape can be rounded or angular at the handle, depending on the type of work and functionality. The so-called work surface 3 forms a homogenous structure with the shovel part 2, but the part where it touches the work area is narrowed for practical purposes. The diagram demonstrates one favourable attachment of the grip surface 1 and the varying- sized shovel 2, using fastening boreholes 4 and fastening knobs 5. The hinges on the grip surface 1 make it possible to attach and detach these parts. Moreover, as Diagrams 2 and 3 demonstrate, the alternate part .of the fastening knob 5 can be created on the grip surface 1 in various implementations.

List of reference signs. grip surface

. shovel part

. work surface

: fastening borehole

. fastening knob