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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/207555
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This solar radiation shielding member is characterized by comprising, on a transparent substrate, a low irradiation film in which a first dielectric film, a first metal film, a second dielectric film, a second metal film, a third dielectric film, a third metal film and a fourth dielectric film are sequentially laminated. This solar radiation shielding member is also characterized in that: the first dielectric film comprises a dielectric layer A which contains silicon and nitrogen and is arranged directly on the transparent substrate, and a dielectric layer B which contains titanium and oxygen and is arranged on the dielectric layer A; the dielectric layer A has an optical film thickness of 12-86 nm; the first dielectric film, the second dielectric film and the third dielectric film have crystalline dielectric layers that respectively serve as the uppermost layers; the crystalline dielectric layers have an optical film thickness of 5-54 nm; and the first metal film, the second metal film and the third metal film are Ag films that respectively have the crystalline dielectric layers directly below themselves.

HORIE, Yuki (LIMITED 1510, Oguchi-cho, Matsusaka-sh, Mie 01, 〒5150001, JP)
KATO, Kazuhiro (LIMITED 1510, Oguchi-cho, Matsusaka-sh, Mie 01, 〒5150001, JP)
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November 15, 2018
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April 16, 2018
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CENTRAL GLASS COMPANY, LIMITED (5253, Oaza Okiube Ube-sh, Yamaguchi 01, 〒7550001, JP)
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B32B15/01; B32B9/00; C03C17/36; C03C27/12; E06B5/00; G02B1/115
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KOBAYASHI, Hiromichi et al. (Ekisaikai Bldg. 1-29, Akashi-cho, Chuo-k, Tokyo 44, 〒1040044, JP)
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