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WIPO Patent Application WO/2007/125577
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A sound shielding device having excellent sound shielding characteristics. The device can maintain the shielding characteristics for a long period, has excellent assemblability, and can be disposed of easily. In the sound shielding device, long sound shielding members (11) each have a polyhedron (12) bent at predetermined angles and opened on the sound source side, and a sound shielding wall (10) having an appropriate height is constructed by sequentially laying over each other the shielding members (11) between supports (30) erected at predetermined intervals. Sound waves entered from the sound source in the device are allowed to interfere with each other by polyhedrons (12), and as a result, noise is reduced.

SUZUKI, Masao (5-13, Kajino-cho 2-choume Koganei-sh, Tokyo 02, 1840002, JP)
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November 08, 2007
Filing Date:
April 27, 2006
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SUZUKI, Masao (5-13, Kajino-cho 2-choume Koganei-sh, Tokyo 02, 1840002, JP)
International Classes:
E01F8/00; G10K11/16
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KOBAYASHI, Tetsuo (Saisui Bldg. 7F, 3-6 Toranomon 1-chom, Minato-ku Tokyo 01, 1050001, JP)
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