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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/179623
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This speed reducer (1A) has a first speed reduction mechanism (20A) and a second speed reduction mechanism (30A). The first speed reduction mechanism (20A) has sun rollers (21A, 22A), a support part (62A), and planetary rolling bodies (23A). The second speed reduction mechanism (30A) has a fixed gear (32A) and a rotating gear (31A). The fixed gear (32A) and the rotating gear (31A) partially engage due to pressure received from the planetary rolling bodies (23A). Thus, the number of members in a power transmission unit between the first speed reduction mechanism (20A) and the second speed reduction mechanism (30A) can be reduced. Accordingly, a second stage of speed reduction occurs, and a compact speed reducer (1A) is achieved. Furthermore, the planetary rolling bodies (23A) make contact with the sun rollers (21A, 22A) and the support part (62A), thereby stabilizing the position of the planetary rolling bodies (23A). Accordingly, excessive contact between gear members does not easily occur.

OKAMURA Kikuo (1 Terada Kohtar, Nagaokakyo-city Kyoto 33, 〒6170833, JP)
INOUE Hitoshi (1 Terada Kohtar, Nagaokakyo-city Kyoto 33, 〒6170833, JP)
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October 19, 2017
Filing Date:
April 12, 2017
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NIDEC SHIMPO CORPORATION (1 Terada, Kohtari Nagaokakyo-city Kyoto, 33, 〒6170833, JP)
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F16H1/32; F16H13/08; F16H13/10
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NISHIDA Takami (4F Nishitemma Park Bldg. 3rd. 3-14-16, Nishitemma Kita-ku, Osaka-sh, Osaka 47, 〒5300047, JP)
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