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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/203993
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A spray device 2 according to one embodiment includes a liquid reservoir 60 that stores the liquid L to be sprayed, a liquid supply unit 58 that supplys the liquid to the liquid reservoir, and a spray unit 62 which is in communication with the liquid reservoir and is configured to spray the liquid in the liquid reservoir, wherein a liquid supply port 582a of the liquid supply unit is arranged in the liquid reservoir in a state where the liquid supply port faces a bottom portion 68 of the liquid reservoir in the liquid reservoir, and is apart from the bottom portion, and the liquid reservoir is opened to atmosphere, possibly by an breather element (84) with a labyritnth air path. A variant - non represented- may include a branch path branching off from a portion of the liquid supply path on the spray unit side, and connected to the liquid reservoir.

DAU Van Thanh (LIMITED 2-1, Takatsukasa 4-chome, Takarazuka-sh, Hyogo 55, 〒6658555, JP)
OKUIE Takahiro (LIMITED 2-1, Takatsukasa 4-chome, Takarazuka-sh, Hyogo 55, 〒6658555, JP)
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November 30, 2017
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May 11, 2017
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SUMITOMO CHEMICAL COMPANY, LIMITED (27-1, Shinkawa 2-chome Chuo-k, Tokyo 60, 〒1048260, JP)
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HASEGAWA Yoshiki et al. (SOEI PATENT AND LAW FIRM, Marunouchi MY PLAZA 9th fl. 1-1, Marunouchi 2-chome, Chiyoda-k, Tokyo 05, 〒1000005, JP)
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