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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/177657
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Disclosed is a spring type weft catcher, comprising scissor components (120), as well as an annular optical sensor (210) and a sliding ring base (200) arranged coaxially. Both sides of the sliding ring base (200) are provided with sliding rails (220) arranged in the axial direction of the sliding ring base. The sliding ring base (200) is provided on the rear end of the annular optical sensor (210). The sliding ring base (200) is connected to a helical spring (100) disposed coaxially. The central end of the helical spring (100) is connected to a fixed component (50). The front ends of the sliding rails (220) are provided with the scissor components (120) that are electrically connected to the annular optical sensor (210). The helical spring of the spring type weft catcher that is planar in an initial state is stretched into a conical shape by the sliding ring base; when a weft yarn flies over the annular optical sensor, a motor drives the sliding ring base to slide toward the movement direction of the weft yarn, and the conical spring is recovered into the helical spring, so that a gap between spring wires is reduced, and the weft yarn is caught. Since the sliding ring base drives the helical spring to move at a speed not lower than the movement speed of the weft yarn, the weft yarn is precisely caught.

HE, Xiaodong (Building 10, No. 1188 West Second Ring Road,Shengze Town, Wujian, Suzhou Jiangsu 8, 215228, CN)
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October 19, 2017
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October 27, 2016
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SUZHOU DANFANG TEXTILE R & D CO., LTD (Building 10, No. 1188 West Second Ring Road,Shengze Town, Wujian, Suzhou Jiangsu 8, 215228, CN)
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CHINA CHANGZHOU VEI PATENT OFFICE (6th Floor, Building C Administration Center,Yanzheng Rd. , Wuji, Changzhou Jiangsu 9, 213159, CN)
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