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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/043324
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The present invention provides: a spunbonded nonwoven fabric which, at the time of casting thereon a resin solution, does not allow a bleed-through of the resin solution due to excessive permeation, a peel-off of a film material, or any other defect such as nonuniform film or pin hole due to fluffing, etc., of a base, and which further exhibits film-adhesiveness that is strong enough to prevent the film material from peeling off after film formation; and a production method therefor. The spunbonded nonwoven fabric according to the present invention comprises thermoplastic fibers which each: are composite-type fibers formed by disposing, around a high-melting polymer, a low-melting polymer having a melting point lower by 10-140°C than that of the high-melting polymer; have non-pressed portions having an apparent density of 0.20-0.60 g/cm3; have a fiber flatness a/b of 1.5-5 when the length of a long axis of the cross-section of the non-pressed portion is a, and the length of a short axis thereof is b; and have a ventilation rate that satisfies formula 1. [Ventilation rate (cc/cm2·sec)] ≤ 520×exp(-0.0236×[basis weight (g/m2)] - 2.85×[apparent density (g/cm3)]) ··· [formula 1]

SHIMADA, Daiki (Toray Industries Inc., 1-1, Sonoyama 1-chome, Otsu-sh, Shiga 58, 〒5208558, JP)
IKEJIRI, Yuki (Toray Industries Inc., 1-1, Sonoyama 1-chome, Otsu-sh, Shiga 58, 〒5208558, JP)
NAKANO, Yohei (Toray Industries Inc., 1-1, Sonoyama 1-chome, Otsu-sh, Shiga 58, 〒5208558, JP)
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March 08, 2018
Filing Date:
August 25, 2017
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TORAY INDUSTRIES, INC. (1-1 Nihonbashi-Muromachi 2-chome, Chuo-ku Tokyo, 66, 〒1038666, JP)
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D04H3/147; B01D69/10; D04H3/011
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