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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/173956
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The objective of the present invention is to provide a state detecting device which can be applied suitably even in a severe environment. A state detecting device 1 is provided with a chargeable all-solid-state battery 30, a piezoelectric element 20 which supplies charging power to the all-solid-state battery 30, and an integrated circuit 40 including various sensors which operate using supplied electric power from the all-solid-state battery 30. The all-solid-state battery 30, the piezoelectric element 20 and the integrated circuit 40 are provided on one surface of a flexible substrate 10. The flexible substrate 10 is attached to a flexible object 50, which is either an object being measured or constitutes at least part of an inner surface of a space being measured.

KAMI, Masafumi (3-9-1 Shibaur, Minato-ku Tokyo 23, 〒1080023, JP)
KOBAYASHI, Hiroshi (3-9-1 Shibaur, Minato-ku Tokyo 23, 〒1080023, JP)
KASAJIMA, Tamon (3-9-1 Shibaur, Minato-ku Tokyo 23, 〒1080023, JP)
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Publication Date:
September 27, 2018
Filing Date:
March 16, 2018
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TDK CORPORATION (3-9-1, Shibaura Minato-ku Tokyo, 23, 〒1080023, JP)
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G01D21/00; G01K1/16; G01L1/00; G01L1/16; G01L5/00; G01L19/00; G01P15/00; H01M10/44; H01M10/48
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MURAI, Takashi et al. (Syuwa 2nd Nanpeidai Residence 1102, 12-13 Nanpeidai-cho, Shibuya-k, Tokyo 36, 〒1500036, JP)
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